Netflix and Scriptbank reveal selection of screenwriters for New Voices Script Contest

15 screenwriters, of which one from Egmond Binnen, from 550 registrations chosen to work out film script with Netflix

Amsterdam, 5 February 2021 – Netflix today has the 15 screenwriters who can get started writing their film script for the New Voices Script Contest. One of them is screenwriter Gaby Cochavi who lives in Egmond-Binnen. With this competition, Netflix and Scriptbank are looking for a new generation of screenwriters who have innovative and inclusive stories to tell. From jury, consisting of professionals from the film- and television world, had a whopping 550 submitted movie plans to choose from. In June 2021 the two best film scripts are selected, made and possibly further developed into a Netflix Original Film.

Netflix acquisition manager and co-productions Benelux, Janey from Ireland: “We are very surprised by the large number of entries and very happy with the quality that the Dutch talent has shown us. It's nice to see the screenwriters, and the film plans they submitted, from different angles and thus offer new perspectives. We are looking for those authentic and groundbreaking stories. At Netflix, we believe it is important that different voices have the opportunity to be heard by a large audience and we are happy to provide the stage for that. ”

Shady El-Hamus, who directs the first Dutch Netflix Original Film Forever Rich, is involved in the competition as ambassador and congratulated the 15 screenwriters today through a special video message. They will receive a working grant in the first months of 2021 develop a script for a feature film. The next assessment moment will take place in May, whereby Netflix awards a cash prize to the five best-rated scripts and considers the two best scripts for further development into a Netflix Original film.

Organizer of Scriptbank Maarten Almekinders: “In order to arrive at a balanced selection, the jury needed three weeks to read and discuss all film plans and writing assignments.. The originality of the idea has been considered, the effect, the motivation of the writer, and whether the idea is strong enough to turn it into a full-length audience film for Netflix. A writer also played a role in this, of course with guidance, must be able to write a first rough version of a screenplay within three months. ”

Jury member and creative producer ROSE stories Shenin Lebrun: “It's good to see that there are screenwriters from different backgrounds, colors and cultures have submitted a film plan. The aim of the competition is to find screenwriters with inclusive stories and ROSE stories fully supports this. Because with stories that are a more realistic reflection of contemporary Dutch society, we are taking steps towards a more inclusive society. ”

New Voices Script Contest
With the New Voices Script Contest, Netflix aims to discover the different screenwriters in the Netherlands who have a story to tell from their own perspective on society.. With a new generation of viewers, the more diverse then ever, the range of films and series must reflect the world in which they live. With this competition, Netflix, together with Scriptbank, wants this - still undiscovered- provide a platform for stories.

Netflix has appointed a carefully selected jury for the New Voices Script Contest to judge the submissions. The jury consists of a mix of professionals from the film- and television world, some of which have collaborated on previous Netflix Originals.

Janey from Ireland – Acquisitions- and co-productions Manager Netflix Benelux

Shenin Lebrun – creative producer ROSE stories

Ernie Tee – script editor, script coach and film teacher

Gwyneth Key – script editor Scriptbank and talent scout Netherlands Film Festival

Annemieke van Vliet – producent Fiction Valley

Derk-Jan Warrink – producent Keplerfilm