Last round of the Ferris wheel with music after the 2021 summer season in Egmond aan Zee.

Video footage of Egmond native Piet Zwaan.


No extension period Ferris wheel Egmond aan Zee

EGMOND AAN ZEE – Operator Jan Vallentgoed of the 38-meter-high Ferris wheel in Egmond aan Zee, may not leave his wheel in ‘Derp’ longer than Tuesday, Aug. 31.

A Bergen County official recently responded negatively to his informal request to extend the period through fall break. Bergen County is not allowing this because the owner, Bergen County and local residents have agreed to this period together. On these grounds, the permit was granted.

In addition, an Egmond man who lives across the street from the wheel objected to the Ferris wheel. A property owner who does not live in Egmond himself but rents his property also informed the municipality that he was not happy with the Ferris wheel. A municipal spokesperson confirms this. “The objectors complained of limited views, noise pollution from Ferris wheel visitors and a limited number of parking spaces.”

Vallentgoed, which last year was allowed to leave its Ferris wheel in place through the fall vacations, unofficially asked for an extension through October. This is because he cannot engage in other activities during those months because of corona measures. Vallentgoed: “All events are cancelled in those two months, which means I am losing income. It would therefore be nice to keep the Ferris wheel in Egmond aan Zee longer.”

The operator […]