The Bergen City Council wants to allow tourist rental of (second) homes in Bergen aan Zee and the Terrace Flat in Egmond aan Zee as in the rest of the municipality for a maximum of 63 nights per year. The college modified an earlier proposal at the request of the City Council, but those modifications did not change its conclusion. The new proposal will be considered by the City Council in October.

Elaborated proposal following motion The new proposal elaborates on a motion made at the June 17 council meeting.
The motion instructed the college to establish a timeline showing what has and has not been allowed when it comes to the tourism
rental homes in Bergen aan Zee and the Terrace Flat in Egmond aan Zee. It follows from that timeline that, as in the rest of the municipality, tourist rentals are never allowed in the Terrace Flat. In addition, the college awaited responses from the Terrace Flat owners’ associations and better explained the poll that had been conducted in Bergen aan Zee. These actions did not lead to a different conclusion. The reported registration requirement of tourist rentals of homes for up to 63 nights per year already applies to homeowners in Bergen aan Zee and the Terrace Flat.

If the council agrees to the proposal, it will remain so. More permanent housing and better livability “Housing is there to live in.”
said Alderman Klaas Valkering. “It’s not a business model for investors from outside the community, especially with the current housing shortage. The
decision not to adopt an exemption position for Bergen aan Zee and the Terrace Flat provides clarity to owners. In doing so, bring
these rules return calm to our Housing Market and streets resulting in more affordable housing for our residents and improved
livability without sacrificing our tourist character.”


Consideration of the proposal by the City Council is scheduled for October. It is up to the agenda committee to determine whether the proposal should be first
still needs to be image-formed or that the proposal will go directly to the council meeting.