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Powerkiting Egmond or Bergen

Anyone can power kiting, even if you are not blonde beefcake or tight beachbabe! The only thing you must have is a sense of the wind, wind direction, the strength and the response of the kite. Immerse yourself, literally and figuratively!

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Speelderij Batavierstraat Mountains

Speelpark Batavierstraat is an attractive park where children can play plenty, climb and romp. After playing, snacks and drinks, the whole family can have a round of mini-golf on our miniature golf course

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Volunteers Buurtbus Bergen

Volunteers Buurtbus Mountains offers this mode of transport in and between towns Camperduin, Greeting, Schoorl, Bergen, Bergen aan Zee, Egmond aan den Hoef, Egmond-Inside and Egmond aan Zee.

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Town guide Bergen and Egmond

Mountains and the municipal guide 3 Egmonds is a handy reference book full of addresses of associations and organizations, facts and useful information about the municipality and the municipal organization.

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Sand nourishment Egmond aan Zee

Usually in April bringing dredgers between boats club Yard just beyond the beach pavilion Tropics total 400.000 cubic meters of sand on the beach of Egmond aan Zee. The material then passes over the beach at Bergen aan Zee. Is there 600.000 cubic meters of sand placed on the beach from the Coast Sailing- in botenvereniging [...]

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The eternal lane from Bergen to Egmond

De Eeuwigelaan door Rob van de Pas De Bergense laan met de scheve bomen spreekt tot de verbeelding. He connects with Bergen Within Bergen aan Zee and vice versa. Do you want within a time to Egmond, and you take the time to make, then comes over you that holiday feeling. Heel vroeger had je alleen de Buerweg [...]

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