Developments in Human Intelligence (HI) have gained momentum recently. Progress after progress, record after record is broken. To keep you away from the chaos of news surrounding these developments, we bring you a top 5 highlights from this thriving research field.

1 Koen’s first word
Just nine-month-old baby Koen has already babbled his first word. That the word was “coño” was embarrassing to his parents, but what a forward boy! In any case, a new “win” for Human Intelligence.

2 Natasha’s realization that ‘realizing’ is non-reciprocal
26-year-old Natasha realized this week – after getting it wrong for years – that the verb “to realize” is non-reciprocal. “I didn’t ‘realize’ for years that I was using the verb incorrectly!” an elated Natasha said of her new linguistic insight. “My friend still doesn’t realize it, but so be it.”

3 Sjoerd likes tailpieces and can do it quite nicely now
Sjoerd has found that he has a lot of fun doing tail-divisions. Partly because of that enthusiasm, he has now become quite proficient at solving these calculations. Sjoerd is fast becoming a human “ordinateur” (as the French call it)

4 Benoit learned perspective when drawing
Benoit discovered that objects that are farther away only appear smaller, but are not necessarily so. ‘Perspective,’ Benoit mumbled over and over again. A fascination was born!

5 Laila has learned to reason exactly what time it is even when she sees the clock in the hairdresser’s mirror
Bravo Laila!


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