Rules homes for tourist rental in Egmond and Bergen

There is a huge housing shortage in Bergen County. Regulating tourist rentals helps solve housing shortages. Housing will become available for permanent occupancy this way and livability for the neighborhood will improve.

Since April 1, 2021, homeowners can rent out their property for a period of 63 nights on a tourist basis. These rules still apply, with certainty for 2023 as well. Since Oct. 1, 2021, the rules have been strictly enforced by the municipality. If you do not comply with the tourist rental rules, you could face a hefty fine. Several fines have already been issued in the past year. For example, the fine for publishing a property without a registration number is €2,000, and putting a property into use for tourist rental without notification is also €2,000.

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PDF: infograpic Rules


House tourist rental

If you want to rent out your home to tourists, in Bergen County you may do so for a maximum of 63 nights per year. You will need a registration number to do so. You will include this registration number in all advertisements. And you must register each rental before your guests arrive.

If you do not follow the rules, you may be fined. This can be high; see below on this page.

Tourist rental rules

If you want to rent out your property touristically, adhere to the following rules.

  • You first request a registration number. Requesting a registration number is free and you will receive it immediately. You apply for a registration number for your own home.
    If you are arranging rentals for the owner of a property in Bergen County, apply for a registration number on behalf of the owner.
  • You report tourist rentals each time you rent out your property. You make your notification before your guests arrive.
  • You include the tourist rental registration number of your property in every publication and advertisement. If you rent through a rental platform, provide them with the registration number.
  • You do not advertise or publish your property after 63 nights.
  • You pay tourist tax,

Also important to know

  • Homes in Bergen aan Zee and the terrace flat in Egmond aan Zee are exempt from these rules until July 1, 2023. The council will still receive a new housing ordinance. Whether this exception is also in the new housing ordinance is not yet known.
  • Are you a rental platform? Then you should point out the landlord’s registration number.
  • Your guests will not cause a nuisance. Therefore, make clear arrangements in advance. For example, about taking out trash.
  • Also notify neighbors in advance and leave a phone number. This allows you or someone on your behalf to intervene in the event of a nuisance.
  • Your home is fire safe.