The traditional New Year’s Day swim has been canceled for the second year in a row, which – as sad as it was – was also in line with expectations. Last year there was a sizable group that took a dip on their own on New Year’s Day. The benefits Swimming in the cold sea can strengthen your immune system in the long run, it is anti-inflammatory, improves blood flow, your body produces endorphins and adrenaline as well as serotonin.

The list of benefits is unprecedented.

Egmond New Year's Dive 2022

Photo: NH news

Sylvester Reimers of crossfit club Sero from Alkmaar got an entire group to jump into the water. “Last year there were three of us, but now there are about 12 of us, the group is getting bigger. Now we’re all enjoying the chocolate milk with rum. We’ve earned that.”

Although the official New Year’s dive was cancelled due to corona, there were still quite a few people in Egmond aan Zee today who are starting 2022 fresh. With a temperature of thirteen degrees and sunshine, the beach was great.

Egmond New Year's Dive 2022

Still, for many New Year’s divers, it was a bit of a letdown as they jumped into the cold North Sea. Not everyone was enthusiastic about the temperature of the water. “It’s the first time for me and I felt I had to do it for myself. It was really grueling, but it does give a kick.” A younger New Year’s diver just put on a hat to be sure. “I hardly feel my legs anymore but next year we’ll probably do it again.”