Honoring all rescuers

The people of Egmond are closely associated with the sea and the people who earn their living at sea. A group of Egmonders thought it was time to erect a statue and since 1999 it has stood at the main beach exit, or “the Wharf. Jacob Glas, better known as Jaepie-Jaepie, the skipper of the rowing lifeboat. He is a symbol of the commitment and courage shown by Egmond rescuers over the years.

Oarsman and skipper

Of all the Egmonders who were ever part of the lifeboat crew, Jacob Glas, aka Jaepie-Jaepie, became by far the best known. He lived from 1832 to 1910. Forty-four years he was with the Lifeboat Company, first as an oarsman (1860-1880) and later as a boatswain, as the skipper was called (1880-1904). During that period, Jaepie-Jaepie, along with a dozen rowers, managed to land some 170 shipwrecked sailors. There were probably more, but the administration at the time left a lot to be desired. During his lifetime, Glass was awarded several times for extraordinary rescues.

Jeapie-Jeapie couple Joppie-Joppie

The book Jaepie-Jaepie by Joh.C. Kieviet, whose 1st printing appeared in 1897, is about his life. One of the photos shows the boatswain with his wife who was – how could it be otherwise – named Joppie Joppie.

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Image by Ad Janssen

The statue is a creation of visual artist Ad Janssen (b. 1930) of Bleric, who previously worked as a painter producing mainly religious work Through family, Janssen came into contact with Egmond and became fascinated with the maritime world. Egmond is indebted to him, as he made the sculpture pro bono. He crafted the bosun in all his characteristics: his inseparable ship’s cap, the ring beard, a life jacket, the wide legged pants, the rope and pipe.

The bronze statue came about with the cooperation of Egmond Municipality, the Royal Dutch Lifeboat Society and the Jaepie-Jaepie Statue Foundation.

Four great-grandchildren of Jacob Glas unveiled the statue on July 23, 1999.

Jaepie jaepie is in the middle of the hustle and bustle on “the Wharf. Officially, it is called the West End here. In his field of vision is the boathouse of the new lifeboat of KNRM’s Egmond aan Zee station. When the boat goes out for an action or a drill, it passes Jaepie Jaepie.

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Jaepie-Jaepie gin.
This genever is made from a 6-year-old malt wine and is 100% grain-fired. The artisanal and authentic distilling process,in which craftsmanship is of the utmost importance, creates a pure and smooth genever that is only available in limited supply due to this unique process.

After an ample rest period and only after approval from the liquor dealer and master distiller, the Jaepie-Jaepie Genever is bottled. The genever was conceived by Willem Reemst, the former owner of the Liquor Store, which was then called Willems Drankensuper.

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