Greetings from Egmond aan Zee and until next Year

Colum by website administrator Erik

It was another eventful year, this year the sun often did shine a little longer, more often or warmer for many residents and visitors to our beautiful village on the North Sea coast.

Egmond aan Zee is still there, we were not washed away or voted out and you perhaps as a tourist found us again in large numbers after an obligatory break of over 2 years.

We are glad the people among us are still here, though we certainly lost some glory and characters with weight in our Derp. Cees Kager, Peter Jonker or John Houtenbos orjust to name a few names. All the catering establishments were too busy without enough staff and the beach was a little shorter again after the storm. But also fun things like the
, the revival of tourists and the conviviality in the village of course ensured another ultimately successful year for most people. St. Nicholas arrived again and The Buoy rose with existence, Jooi joined and Patricia and Jeroen were there from the Party. The clock also disappeared but a veritable new Beach club to chill and grill.

The new supermarket is a reality, but not much has changed, most of the faces are still familiar. We skipped Fishing Day without volunteers, but the Boat Club the Wharf grew and prospered. Ritske and the Fam. Big did a lot of good for our village again this year I have heard. So the Zuiderduin may stay!!!


Skipped a lot

I must be forgetting to name 80% of what has changed, improved, worsened or been adjusted in Egmond, for example, the parking prices up again and the rental of summer houses is further taxed more heavily. However, I do share the opinion that more residents with real houses should also occupy them and not rent them out. Otherwise, we will soon be Venice on the North Sea coast where 80% are tourists and no one is a real resident.

Beautiful summer

This summer I was with my wife and child for a few days at my parents’ house sitter, it was entertainment like old times in Cafe the Wharf, Patrick Westerbeek and a few more peers made for an old-fashioned fun evening there, and next summer would certainly be fun to repeat. I myself left years ago because it was not affordable. But this line still seems to be continuing.

Yet Egmond aan zee continues to attract many from the Netherlands and Surrounding countries where especially as always Germany is the big engine to ensure its survival. Despite all efforts by the municipality to slow this down. Just like that. My piece on my village. For now I wish everyone the very best wishes and a happy new year also from my Parents Wil and Willem Reemst and me sister Alice, Ab and her kids, grandchildren and so on. I’m sure my Son Ryan will come to stay almost every again this coming year too and will definitely go get a Pizza from me sister.

Greetings from Zwaag. Heartfelt,
Erik Reemst

The pictures in the collage are of course from Sjef and
Rob Glas