Next May 4 you can enjoy my 10 seconds of fame, I will be featured in the documentary about Jacoba van Tongeren. Indeed, in it, attention will also be paid to the creation of her statue. Was signed

Fabio Pravisani

Jacoba van Tongeren – general of the Resistance

8:35-21:00 p.m., NPO 2


Documentary about an important resistance woman who fell into oblivion after the war. Jacoba van Tongeren left behind unique memoirs about her work as leader of the Amsterdam resistance group Group 2000.
Group 2000 helped thousands of people obtain safe houses, ID cards and food stamps, saving countless lives. Prince Bernhard marveled after the war at what she had accomplished as a woman amid the male-dominated world of resistance. “To you a general has been lost,” he remarked.
Jacoba’s cousin Paul van Tongeren brought the story of his aunt from oblivion, and the documentary brings Jacoba to life with interviews and diary excerpts. Actress Marieke Heebink recites the diary excerpts. It thus paints a portrait of an extraordinary resistance woman.