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Taste the irresistible taste of traditional Dutch pancakes in a cozy and atmospheric location, on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee.

At Bobby’s pancakes, we make every pancake with passion and craftsmanship. We choose the best ingredients, the freshest produce, and the true Dutch pancake tradition. Our pancakes let you enjoy the taste and culture of Holland.

The story

Bobby’s is the result of the collaboration between John and Douwe Bob, two Dutch icons with a passion for pancakes. John is a renowned restaurateur who has dominated the Dutch culinary scene for many years with his popular Pancake Valley in Den Helder. He is a master at preparing authentic and delicious Dutch dishes, always striving for the highest quality and freshness.

John, however, wanted to serve more than just traditional pancakes. He wanted to create a restaurant that honored the Dutch pancake tradition but also gave it a modern twist. Thus was born the idea for Bobby’s, where John and Douwe Bob joined forces to launch a new pancake concept.

Douwe Bob is a well-known Dutch artist known for his musical and artistic talent. He has a deep love for Dutch culture and the sociability of the hospitality industry. He wanted to create a place where people could come together to enjoy Dutch cuisine, atmosphere and relaxed performances. He believed that food was a way to connect people and experience beautiful moments.

Douwe Bob and John had a common dream: to keep the Dutch pancake tradition alive and share it with the world. They decided to start Bobby’s Pannenkoeken Bistro together, where they could express their love of Dutch pancakes and conviviality. Their collaboration is the heart of Bobby’s, and their vision and commitment are reflected in every aspect of the restaurant, where the Dutch pancakes are musically flavorful.

Douwe Bob



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1931CJ, Egmond aan Zee

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