EGMOND AAN DEN HOEF – Foundation Restoration Castle Chapel is busy with a large-scale refurbishment of this church. RTV80 TV went there to take a look.

The purpose of the Castle Chapel Restoration Foundation.

As stated in its articles of incorporation, the object of the Stichting Restauratie Slotkapel is to own, restore and maintain the national monument the Slotkapel at Egmond aan den Hoef.

The premise here is that the Castle Chapel should be preserved as a representation of an important historical a cultural element, built and restored in the late Middle Ages.

The starting point is, on the one hand, to raise the necessary funds for the restoration or the required major maintenance of the building. In addition, the building must be in such a state of repair that it can be used for cultural events.

With the exception of administrative costs, available funds are used for the maintenance of the chapel. It is emphasized that the foundation is non-profit.

Work of the Castle Chapel Restoration Foundation.

The work of the foundation consists of supervising the preparation of maintenance plans, prioritizing the implementation of necessary maintenance work resulting from the annual inspection reports of the Monumentenwacht, supervising the necessary maintenance of the interior of the chapel (recently the chandeliers were restored). In addition, the board ensures that the building is in such a state of repair that the building can be used for cultural events.

In addition, the work of the board consists of soliciting funds for the purpose of acquiring needed funds.

The board prepares annually the so-called donor letter informing the donors about the restoration or maintenance work carried out on behalf of the board.

Due to COVID-19, the approved 2019-2024 maintenance program could not yet take place. Due to additional grant requests, major maintenance work on the chapel’s west facade and tower cannot begin until 2022.

Also, since 1987, the board has ensured that the chapel is open to the public on Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. during the annual Monument Weekend.