The PostaanZee Foundation’ s meeting center aims to get people moving and connecting with each other. We work with volunteers and are non-profit. Everyone can join us for a walk, borrow free books, exchange information and meet people. Come on in, you’re welcome.

Opening hours Monday through Friday, 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.



PostaanZee is an initiative born out of solidarity with the Egmond community. We represent compassion in action and work with volunteers on a non-profit basis. We are of and for Egmond people, for young and old, rich and poor. PostaanZee wants to move people, connect people and be a place of meaning.

The former VVV office at 82a Voorstraat is our bustling home. A place for education, recreation, creativity and, above all, socializing.


PostaanZee is an organization that exists through the efforts of volunteers. We are always looking for people who want to organize activities, host guests or do odd jobs. Step inside or send an email for initial contact. I’m sure you can contribute and are welcome.


We are always looking for new ideas for daytime, evening and weekend events. Want to help organize activities, are you looking to volunteer and/or have an idea? Feel free to walk in on Fridays or email [email protected]


At PostaanZee, a duo bike and mobility scooter can be borrowed through the social team. Sign up and more information: Ellen Dekker, every weekday from between 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m,

Slide in, Join in

For almost all activities, “Slide in. Our activities are almost all year-round. When enrollment is required (eating together, watching a movie, etc.) it is indicated.

From your heart, based on trust

We work on the basis that everyone can contribute something in a way that suits them. For participating in the activities, using PostaanZee, drinking coffee/tea, etc., we ask for a contribution. Give what you think it’s worth or what you can spare. In this way, everyone contributes. By the door is a birdhouse where you can put your contribution.

No money on you or want to make a donation?

Transfer an amount to NL 67 RABO 0309230969 of the PostaanZee Foundation.
The PostaanZee Foundation is classified by the tax authorities as an Institution for General Benefit (ANBI).

Because of this ANBI status, certain donations are deductible and we do not have to pay gift or inheritance tax on donations received. The IRS can inform you about the
of your donation.


To promote the well-being of the residents of the three Egmonds and to create meaning for all who are involved. The foundation seeks to achieve its goal, among other things, by operating a meeting center in Egmond aan Zee and organizing activities that get people moving, connect with each other and combat loneliness. The activities organized are open to everyone, regardless of origin, religion, orientation, race, age and social position. The foundation is non-profit and dedicated to the common good.


PostaanZee is all about civil society; active citizenship, reducing social isolation, fostering social cohesion and being able to live longer in the neighborhood because local residents take care of each other. As PostaanZee pursues this idea of a civil society, the volunteers also take care of each other and the visitors and participants. Participating longer in society by staying active and involved yourself seems to work within PostaanZee.

It is not the building or the meeting center but the local residents and volunteers who make PostaanZee. In essence, PostaanZee encourages and creates a Civil Society, through the participation and activation of residents. Here PostaanZee is “only” a means, a hub to distribute services to each other so that every citizen and local resident can “participate. PostaanZee shows the municipality how to build the infrastructure for the Wmo from active citizenship and how to combine it sustainably with care (AWBZ) and prevention (first line, Zvw).

PostaanZee is the place where people can feel at home and meet. The place where care and welfare activities and services are offered, where social bonding is encouraged at the neighborhood level and where partitions between organizations, institutions, businesses, entrepreneurs and neighborhood residents are removed through cooperation between these parties. Recurring key idea is the active involvement and participation of local residents and the very defining role played by many volunteers.


The Foundation works with volunteers with support from a paid staff. The foundation’s directors and volunteer staff receive no compensation for their work. Reimbursement is only possible for expenses actually incurred and demonstrated. All expenses incurred and demonstrated to be related to volunteering may be reimbursed, subject to prior agreement with the foundation staff member. However, this does mean that all expenses must be demonstrable through supporting documents, receipts and claims. By costs, you can think of expenses such as paper, ink cartridges, stamps, ed. The foundation employs 1 paid employee. The paid employee is funded from equity.


At meeting center PostaanZee, everyone is welcome. We are easily accessible by bicycle, walking and public transportation. People with (temporary) difficulty walking can be dropped off at the door. We are easily accessible.

Diagonally across from PostaanZee is the Connexxion bus station. The lines 164 (Castricum) and 165 (Alkmaar) and the neighborhood bus 408 (Heiloo) and 410 (Schoorl) stop here.

If you do want to come to PostaanZee by car check for current information at:


Our address:


072 582 23 10


[email protected]

Our opening hours:

Monday – Friday: 09:30 – 16:30

Our activities:

  • Walking by the Sea
  • Walk-In At Sea
  • Reading Table
  • BoekaanZee
  • Creation at Sea
  • InfoaanZee
  • Music by the Sea
  • Cooking by the Sea
  • Spanish-to-Sea
  • Cycling by the Sea
  • Language Cafe
  • SpelaanZee
  • DigiWijsaanZee



PostaanZee Foundation
Front Street 82a
1931 AN Egmond aan Zee

founded: 11-03-2016

RSIN 856177337

Chamber of Commerce number 65594495



J.C.P. Ranzijn, chairman

J.P. Morsch, secretary

vacancy, treasurer


P. Biere-‘t Hart, Business Operations Advisor