About Bakker removals and transport

We are a Transport and Moving company based in the heart of Schoorl.
Our goal is to serve you in a professional way but mostly personal way of service.

Baker removals and Transport

Our family business

The company is currently run by (youngest son of Kees Bakker) Fred. The number of activities has now also grown our services currently include: drive packages and food distribution to removals and storage of furniture.

At this time we perform transport for several large clients. The fleet consists of 7 several vehicles and a trailer. These can be used for all the work.
So we also have a special removal van whose sides can be opened as a whole and of course a moving lift.


Like any family business, we are also very small beginnings. In 1898 The company was founded by Jan Bakker.

A messenger service was between Schoorl - Bergen and Alkmaar set. This courier service transporting all kinds of vegetables with a horse cart.

In 1977 the company was taken over by (grandson) Kees Bakker. The activities of the company were meanwhile extended to driving for several pakketdiensen, above several small trucks were purchased.

Storage of furniture

Should you leave your current home, but you can not engage your new still? or You do not want your belongings (full) bring to your new home?

Temporary residence abroad or renovations?

Then you've come to the right place Bakker. We offer total storage for furniture at a great price. In our insulated shed your belongings are stored in special containers dustproof cabinet.

Cost furniture stores

The costs will be easy all the way to us. For more information about the rates of storage, please contact.

For the delivery of your goods to our existence 3 possibilities:

  • You will yourself out if you bring furniture.
  • You rent a truck driver.
  • You let us take care of the whole move.


With us, there is no minimum or maximum limit for storage. easy, because when your remodeling anticipates, or you can find new home still involve previously, storage may just be longer or shorter than the specified period remain with us. Even if you need something from your store, we do not difficult! You give as a call and we'll make sure it is ready. For the different rates of getting you home contents, please contact.

Our family business Bakker removals and transportation has over 100 years experience in the transport.

We transport include:

  • Hanging garments
  • Furniture transport
  • Food distribution
  • Pallet transport / cargo
  • Electronics
  • And much more.

All our vehicles are equipped with a fixed, trucks with hydraulic tailgates. At the wheel sit our skilled, qualified drivers.

Do you have a general question or comment please here click. The correct form is then opened. If you move, or whatever you want to be transported then click here.


Kees Bakker & Son Transport and Moving

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