SHALIMAR is a specialist in silver jewelry that has decades of brand awareness in Egmond aan Zee and surroundings.

Many people come to Shalimar because there is a very wide selection of hand-made traditional and contemporary jewelry with or without gemstones such as: Turquoise, Layer, Lazuli, Amatista, Amber of Maansteen.

The jewels are carefully selected and personally imported by us from various Asian countries like India Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia, Turkey but also Africa.

You'll love our jewelry also not found in any other store and because each piece is hand manufactured each piece truly unique.

Besides our extensive collection of jewelry our store is enriched and decorated with colorful notes Indian cabinets, bronze Buddhist and Hindu images

In addition, you will find at Shalimar also Moroccan pottery.


M.N. Basjes & J.Hopman

Voorstraat 142
1931 AP Egmond aan Zee

Phone. : 072-5062266
Faxnr. :072-5067537

E-Mail: Info(at)Shalimar(dot)nl

Shalimar Jewellery is 7 days a week from: 11:00 t/m 18:00 hour

Saturday 10:30 t/m 17:00
Sunday from 12:00 t/m 17:00
During the summer months we are open to the Clearance sale.