Egmond aan Zee lighthouse

This webcam is perfectly aimed at the iconic Egmond aan Zee Lighthouse, also known as the J.C.J van Speyk. As a tourist destination, this historic lighthouse offers a fascinating mix of culture and nature. Located on the coastline of Egmond aan Zee, a picturesque village in North Holland, the Egmond aan Zee Lighthouse offers a beautiful view of the sea and surrounding area.

Built in 1834

The lighthouse is named after J.C.J van Speyk, a Dutch naval officer known for his heroic act in which he blew up his own ship to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. The tower was built in 1834 and has since attracted many generations of tourists.

Impressive height

With its imposing height of 37 meters, the lighthouse is one of the tallest in the Netherlands, making it a striking landmark for the surrounding area. Inside the tower you will find a small museum store where you can buy souvenirs and view an interesting exhibit on the history of the lighthouse.

This camera was co-created by Northwest 8 Security

Northwest Security Egmond

The highlight

The highlight of a visit to the Egmond aan Zee Lighthouse is undoubtedly climbing the steps to the top. Once atop the tower, you have a spectacular view of the North Sea and the surrounding dune landscape. You can even see the surrounding villages such as Alkmaar, Bergen and windmills on a clear day.

A must-see destination

Egmond aan Zee Lighthouse is a must-see destination for anyone interested in history, architecture and natural beauty. Whether traveling alone, with friends or with family, this iconic lighthouse is definitely worth a visit. Stop by and experience for yourself the charm and beauty of this historic place.

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Don’t miss this opportunity to experience a unique and unforgettable moment on the Dutch coast. Plan your visit to Egmond aan Zee Lighthouse today!