In course in Egmond aan Zee you can count on a warm, cozy atmosphere and a warm welcome. It is pre-eminently the place to linger. On the menu you will find dishes prepared with utmost sustainable, organic and local products. For coffee and fresh pastries you are at the right place!


Of course lies half in the dunes and is built in the style of an Austrian Chalet. On the front is an attractive spacious south facing terrace. There is a 18 holes miniature golf course and especially for the children there are several play to bust up. Inside there is a separate play area for children. In short: For young and old there is plenty to do!

Course is spacious and contemporary with several cozy corners. Of course this makes particularly suitable for weddings, stall celebrations, birthday parties and corporate events.

"Irish Nature" beef. The "Black Angus" Meat is the best there to get isen beef tastes like beef should taste: natural and without additives. This sophisticated and intense taste is due to the natural conditions in which the animals opgroeien.De "Black Angus" cattle graze throughout the year in herds in the green hills of Ireland.

It is this combination of fresh grass, space and plenty of exercise provides the exceptional class of Irish Angus beef.

We contribute to a sustainable world also! Experience the delicious Puro organic coffee with the Max Havelaar fair trade label.

Because we attach importance to sustainable fishing, we apply the following principles:

• We pay attention to fish stocks of overfished or vulnerable species.

• We take into account the catch- in kweekmethoden.

• We work with as many fish with MSC certification.

• Of course, we are also certified.

(MSC is the best mark and certification program for sustainable fish all over the world).

The Lowlander lamb grazing on a unique piece of primal northern Dutch landscape as the Beemster and Schermer.De soil is very fertile, providing much natural grasses, flowers and clovers. This diet makes for very tasteful lamb, rich in iron, zinc and vitamin B.

Kemper free range chicken (biological Kemperlandhoen)Chickens are originally forest birds and feel "fit as a fiddle" as they can scurry around all day and be active.

A natural product of firm flesh and flavor is therefore the result. Good for the experience that were once so common.

100% Dutch, that is the bread of Carl Sieggert.
In this beautiful artisan bakery, sustainability and organic lead.

The grain grows among others in the Flevopolder and is ground in authentic Dutch grain mills. The predicate 100% Dutch harvest has written them on the web.

However, the best sandwich is the urban legend: it really exists!

A full bio sandwich made with cottage cheese, served with a strong story, that takes you on the journey to true or false!

Stay in a fantastic apartment near the beach! Egmond aan Zee

Naturally apartments

Naturally apartments offers spacious accommodation with cooking facilities and a balcony, right next to the dunes and only 2 minute walk from the beach of Egmond aan Zee.

The apartment features a living room with a television and DVD player. The bathroom has a shower and a toilet. Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

You can prepare your own meals in the fully equipped kitchen or enjoy organic cuisine at Restaurant Naturally. A short walk from Apartments Of course there is also a wide variety of restaurants, cafes bars. The center of Egmond aan Zee city lies 300 meters. The property has its own playground, as well as a miniature golf course. Located Alkmaar 8 km.

Opening Restaurant

Tuesday / Friday from 12.00 hour
Saturday and Sunday from 10.00 hour

from November: Monday / Wednesday closed, except holidays

The kitchen is open until 21.30 hour


Dr. Wiardi Beckmanlaan 8,
1931 BW, Egmond aan Zee

Such: 072 – 506 27 49,
Fax: 072 – 506 51 14

Email: [email protected]