dewerfWelcome to the website of Cafe de Werf

Cafe yard is a real brown Café where you can still buy a beer for a normal price, a game of billiards or a game of darts can lay but you can also just enjoy a nice sit at the bar alone or with your friends and / or friends and listen to music. Cafe de Werf has a smoking room!

The Cafe

It is a warmly decorated cafe with lots of old photographs,s of Egmond aan Zee and ancient fishing. It's a little nautical décor. Partly because Peter (operator) also the local lifeboat crew also hang photos of various lifeboats.

Who drinks get hungry

Eetwerk is always present as a sandwich,smoked sausage sandwich or a ball chopped

Live music

Of course we have regular live music in the café and then his going there anyway 180 persons in. We have defined its 50 seats.

Cafe de Werf

Zuiderstraat 41
1931GD Egmond aan Zee

Tel.: 072 507 1390

Email: [email protected]

Visiting hours

Monday and Tuesday we are closed

Wednesday, Thursday Friday we are open
15:00 t/m 02:00 hour

Saturday and Sunday we are open
16:00 t/m 02:00 hour