Escape Room Egmond News Release.

Since we had to close our doors due to the coronavirus and find it incredibly unfortunate that we can no longer let you enjoy our escape room in Egmond for that reason we have created an online escape room: Free Fort Kijkduin. The great thing about this online escape room is that you can actually walk around the fort and learn about its history.

Free to play online escape room

The story

This online escape room is all about one thing: freeing the director. Indeed, Lange Jaap, a frequent guest at Fort Kijkduin, captured him. He would like to be the guide and in this way tries to compete with the fort’s regular guide, Marcel. He therefore has a clear video message for Marcel. Jaap turned the whole fort upside down and hid all the puzzles about the fort. It is up to the players to help guide Marcel solve the puzzles to free the director.

FREE with a question.

The online escape room is completely free to play. To thank and support us, however, you can leave a donation and with that you can win another prize. Among other things, a ticket to our new escape room: the hidden temple. The online escape can be played with up to 4 people and is suitable for families as well as groups of friends. Remote play is also possible.

Trailer Bijvrijd Fort Kijkduin


What is an online escape room

An escaperoom is a (group) activity where you and your partner in crime, or a larger group, are part of something bigger. You have a limited time to solve a mystery by imagining yourself in another reality. Using puzzles and riddles, you need to find the solution.