Flamingo Casino in Egmond aan Zee is a spacious, relax nightspot with 2 floors of fun. Recently restyled with roulettes, various popular players, and a diverse range of casino slot machines where a large smoke-play has been created on the first floor.

Our friendly staff will be happy pampered with complimentary snacks and drinks.

Attractive for tourists and visitors to the beach and dunes, but also for inhabitants of Egmond, Alkmaar and surroundings. You will find us right at the beginning of the shopping street of Egmond aan Zee and near the entrance to the beach.

Over Flamingo Casino

Flamingo Casino has been active since 1971 engaged in the development and operation of high quality slot machines casinos and is qualitatively and quantitatively to the top of Netherlands. Flamingo Casino distinguishes itself with fine entertainment concepts, wherein the need of the market centric.

No standard amusement arcades, but quality concepts for entertainment. Concepts that complete, innovative and quality entertainment offer. Creating a perception is central.


Your hosts are very friendly and helpful

can play 1 of the 2 Floors which this property is rich. Upstairs there is a room specially for smokers. On each floor you will find snacks and drinks, so you do not have time on an empty stomach may sit. You will be introduced already flush with a snack and drink on arrival. The host or hostess will welcome and accompany you if the slot machine of your choice. It is clear that the staff have fun prefer to do their job and nothing but make the guests feel. They are genuine cards from the Flamingo Casino, that a total 11 has offices in North Holland. Admission is always free.

2 floors with the best casino games

In total you will find such 56 slots, which is on the ground floor a small 20 stand. The remainder is therefore a higher floor. On the ground floor is similar to the slot machines are spaciously. As a result, it creates a form of rest that is pleasant. In terms of course offerings you will find here the classic fruit machines and -videoslots. On the ground floor there are arranged several roulette machines. There is room for every table 8 people. You can also participate in other casino games, like poker, blackjack and bingo. Of course there are also the popular multi players, such as Hot Spot, Twin Player en Random Bells.

Every Thursday a theme

Thursday is a day known as (Super) D?nderdag. 3 Thursdays in the month, the D?and nderdag 4and, and last Thursday, Super D?nderdag. It means to make that day with getting additional actions, with which you can win great prizes. There are still more snacks available. Every Thursday has its own theme. What this means exactly? Therefore it is best to visit the casino once experienced to your personal information and to.

Flamingo Casino

Voorstraat 137
1931 AK Egmond aan Zee


Minimum age 18 year.
When in doubt, ID required.


Visiting hours:

Sunday / Thursday from 11.00 to 24.00 hours Friday and Saturday 11.00 to 01.00 hour