We want to tell you something about life in the St. Lioba Monastery.

LiobakloosterThe turret features the monastery. The clock reads many times a day for prayer, for meals or for other meetings.

St. Lioba Monastery

In 1935 Hildegard Michaelis has founded the monastery. After the ecclesiastical approval 1952 was the official name of the Congregation Sorores Benedictinae Sanctae Liobae Egmundensis. In the sixties came the branch of the Brothers, with the sisters pursued the same ideal. The monastery has produced two daughter foundations, in Switzerland (Orselina in Locarno) and in southern France (in Simiane-Colongue). Now the three independent, Mona Steria become independent. Egmond currently 14 sisters, Variant in the age of 40 to 89 years and one brother.

The name: Sint Leoba

foto10liobaLioba is a nickname, a pet. The name was given to a niece of Boniface (675-754), Thruthgeba, who brought Christianity to our region. She was brought up in a double monastery (men and women) Southern England. She was widely known by her knowledge of the Scriptures, and she had such a lovely character that people spontaneously her name Lioba (lovely, well) gaven.Bonifatius invited her to take care of the newly converted young women themselves, which, like the monks, their life entirely to God to dedicate. The friendship between Lioba and Boniface was so intimately, that Boniface wanted that, when he died, his bones one day Sam and the bones of Lioba was to be buried, that they, united in their lives, would together from the dead rest verrijzen.Hun both relics in Fulda.
Hildegard Michaelis

The monastery was founded by Hildegard Michaelis. In 1900 she was born in the land of the great mystics, Erfurt in Thuringen. They formed the community in the monastic way. Although they 1982 is deceased, this formation until today characteristic of the community. Many of the sisters and brothers bear the image of her in the heart of how they read silently in Scripture or in the works of the great mystic Master Eckhart (1260-1327), as they come from Thuringia.
Her thoughts

Her look at everything around her, to human beings, an animal or plant, even the simple utensils, was marked by special attention and respect.
“God created all things that they might be; and God created man in whom God pours himself and overflows, That the man of God gives meaning to getting all creatures, and will flow back to God.”

(Master Eckhart, Commentary on Genesis)

Artistic HandicraftArtistic Handicraft

Ora et Labora

In the vision that Hildegard Michaelis had on people and life in harmony with his, God-given vocation work took him a special place. As, and while, man gives shape to the matter, he also forms himself. Then in the years prior to putting the ecclesiastical approval she was asked in writing what was inherent in 'Lioba’ she wrote:

“the resulting excessive separation between kontemplatief and working life in the convents in the last centuries is softened in our lives, and thus clearly pointing the way to the original intentions of the Rule.
The work will mainly consist in the manufacturing of religious art. Through this form of life, the necessity is also raised to life of capital only.”

There is a separate site for the products of the art craft: www.kunstambachtlioba.nl


“All guests who arrive be received like Christ,
for he will say once : “I came as a guest, and ye took me.”

Rule of St. Benedict

In the St. Lioba Monastery we try the tradition of hospitality, so characteristic of the monasteries that follow the Rule of St. Benedict, keepalive. In accordance with the Rule, we try to receive guests as Christ, in an atmosphere of respect and cordiality.

BENEDICTUS VAN NURSIAOne can as a guest stay a few days in our guest house. For many reasons, one can be our guest. Of our guests, however, we expect that they will come to us in an atmosphere of silence and reflection, peace and deepening seek their own lives. The awards ceremony, together with the sisters, the times of prayer is taking a good framework and this might be an excellent tool. Of our guests are also expected to participate in this prayer services as much as possible.

Guests eat separately from the sisters in the dining gastenhuis.Er prompted no absolute silence in this refectory, however, each invited to contribute to a climate of peace and tranquility – for themselves for others.

So chosen is no radio or TV , and you are asked transistors e.d. home leave and be attentive to those who want to retreat into silence. Morning and afternoon time with coffee / tea.

Monastery St.. Lioba Egmond

Herenweg 85
1935 AH Egmond-Inside

Phone: 072-506 13 88
Email: [email protected]

The monastery is surrounded by woods- and dunes where the good walk. The dune is a dune card required. At the entrance of the dune reserve, you can buy day tickets.

Costs and stay

As of September 2012 the cost for new reservations to stay in our guest house in Individual-bookings 55 euro per day, incl. three meals, excluding linen. (45 euro for students and people with a minimum income).
You can for 10 euro a sheet- and rent towels. For groups is possible at extra cost to reserve the entire guesthouse.