(Water)sportcentrum Sports at Sea

The water sports center is intended for all beach sports you can imagine, from kite, wind- and golf surfing to volleyball, rugby, stand up paddling and much more. In the complex, space has been made for a lounge area, lockers and sanitary facilities that members of Sports at Sea can use.

The largest part of the complex consists of a parking space, where all personal lockers are, for members. There are also storage facilities for boats.

There is also a large space in the complex to rinse and dry sports equipment and clothing so that they can be properly maintained..

There are hot showers and clean toilets for members and the lounge area is available to relax and enjoy the beautiful view.

(Water)sportcentrum Sports at Sea

The associations will organize workshops throughout the summer season, clinics, classes and the like. A specific membership is sometimes required to participate in these activities. With some of these memberships you automatically become a member of an association. Sports at Sea collaborates with Surfvereniging Freakwave, sea ​​fishing association De Salamander in Surfski Holland. In addition, it is also possible to become a member of S @ S only, whereby you can use the facilities. This can be done individually and possibly through a family membership.

(Water)sportcentrum Sports at Sea

Become a member of Sports at Sea. This gives you access to the entire complex and you can use all facilities.

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