Above you can see a selection of images of Egmond aan zee, the dunes and the beach.

Egmond aan Zee is the best known of the three Egmonds.

Over 1000 years ago, the town began as a fishing village, but since the beginning of the last century, it has a tourist interest. Both the fishermen- as the tourist past are still evident in the streets found. Prominent on the boulevard state lighthouse Jan van Speyk appearing from the whole village.

The village offers the holidaymaker plenty of entertainment. terraces, restaurants, and a shopping area with something for everyone. In the summer there is an event every week with lots of village entertainment that you can enjoy from a terrace on the Pompplein.

The shops are open all year 7 days a week and accessible for everyone.

The wide beach offers numerous possibilities for relaxation: beach chairs, sunbeds, windbreaks and beach pavilions. There are of course hiking, swimming, sail- and surfing, and it is possible to take part in, for example,: Power Branding Kitten or canoe which will result in an unforgettable beach experience.

Uitzicht van Egmond aan Zee

The sea and the water

In Egmond aan Zee is traditionally struggled against the water. Over the centuries gone regulated parts of the village into the sea, as in the 18th century

The sea also brought much prosperity, because the inhabitants of Egmond aan Zee earned their living mainly by fishing. They sailed the sea with the Pinck and bomschuiten, ship types that could be drawn easily on the beach.

In the beginning of the 20th century, with the advent of steam trawlers, attracted many Egmonders to IJmuiden and went to live there. Many do still think of the past fishing Egmond, such as the so-called fishermen's cottages and fishing monument.

Prince Henry Foundation is a striking building and was originally a shelter for old sailors. The Museum of Egmond is given a picture of the history. The tour also, organized by the Foundation for Historical Egmond, shows the past.

Egmond aan Zee From the beginning of the last century, very popular with tourists who came especially for the healthy sea air. Especially from the big cities were young children a guest in one of the many colony houses. High above the village stands the lighthouse Jan van Speyk out 1834. This tower was in 1838 chosen as J.C.J of Speyk monument, in memory of Lieutenant-to-Sea, who prefer to fly in the air than to give his ship over to the enemy, Belgians. He crossed the supply of powder on board to 5 February 1831. Apart from Speyk, also found 25 other crew members and a number of Belgians killed in the blast.

A little further on is the modern rescue station of the salvor KNRM. The rescue station Egmond has been involved in several famous strandings on the coast.

Egmond aan Zee verleden tijd


As a foundation year of Egmond aan Zee is often called the year 977.
When would Walgerus, a gentleman farmer from Egmond-Inside, ten houses have had to sculpt the sea. These houses were intended for a number of poor families, who were allowed to live there for nothing. They were allowed to fish in the sea and the only condition that allowed these Walgerus, was, they would donate ten percent of their catch to the abbey at Egmond-Inside.

Het Dorp Egmond aan Zee anno Nu

Present tense

1 January 2001: Bergen,Schoorl and merge to form the new municipality of Bergen. This creates a municipality with a 21 kilometer coastline, a varied landscape of beach, dunes, sea, woods and fields and a rich cultural past and present.

If you, as a sympathizer, want more involvement with Egmond aan Zee, then search on google to the website of Village Association Egmond Parel aan Zee

The North sea, and beach | Netherlands | 4K

Quiet view of the beach and the North Sea coast, enjoy the beautiful view of the peaceful coast of the 1000 year old town of Egmond aan Zee. These video images were taken in October 2021 (end of summer) When I took a nice walk with my son (Ryan) and dog (Moos), Moos is from Greece and we have [...]

No exceptional position rental terrace flats | Egmond aan Zee

The council of the municipality of Bergen wants the tourist rental of (second) homes in Bergen aan Zee and the Terrasflat in Egmond aan Zee just like in the rest of the municipality maximum 63 allow nights per year. The council has amended an earlier proposal at the request of the city council, but those adjustments don't have [...]

Finally out of your roof Sandwiches, Fireworks, beer – Fair Egmond-Inside

Finally a fair could be celebrated again and partying again in the country, zoals bij het Oktober
bierfeest op vrijdag en zaterdag in Alkmaar, but also at the Egmond-Binder fair. Maandagmorgen
werd er vuurwerk afgestoken op de Herenweg voor de Eerste Deun.

Nature film at PostaanZee on 12 October

Although September brought us beautiful late summer days, the swallows and the small songbirds in the dune area no longer stayed in our area. They follow their instinct and have already left at the end of August. Autumn is a fascinating period for bird watchers. The massive migration of the cranes from Lapland to the center- en-South Spain grazes in October [...]

Volunteers on billboards

BERGEN NH – Welzijn Bergen shows on billboards how happy the organization is with the volunteers who are committed to the foundation. More than a hundred people can be seen on the billboards who have submitted their photo to the organization. The billboards are from today, Monday 6 september, on display in twenty places spread over [...]

Military training in the dune area

Soldiers train in dune area BERGEN NH E.O - Soldiers of the airmobile brigade train from Monday 6 September to Friday 10 September in the dunes between Schoorl and Wijk aan Zee. They train here on their mental and physical toughness and group processes. It is not a military exercise; the soldiers don't take (real) bring weapons.  

Last round of the Ferris wheel with music after the summer season of 2021 Egmond aan Zee

Last round of the Ferris wheel with music after the summer season of 2021 Egmond aan Zee. Video images of Egmonder Piet Zwaan.   No extension period Ferris wheel Egmond aan Zee EGMOND AAN ZEE – Operator Jan Vallentgoed of the 38 meter high Ferris wheel in Egmond aan Zee, can no longer leave his wheel in 'Derp' [...]

Bergen Municipality College: ‘Inhabitants and entrepreneurs at the heart of new parking policy’

BERGEN - The Bergen college agreed on Tuesday with the update of the Parking Policy and the implementation agenda. This parking policy will be presented to the committee and the city council later this year. The proposal is that parking for residents, entrepreneurs and their customers is given priority. Others, such as long-term parkers and day visitors, can park at a greater distance from the center areas [...]

Musicalvereniging By Hanswijckers: new members are welcome

Musicalvereniging By Hanswijckers: new members are welcome EGMOND AAN DEN HOEF – Which new talents are coming this year, asks Musical Association De Hanswijckers from Egmond aan den Hoef on its Facebook account. Singing in a group, develop your solo singing, get more out of your game, learn to dance better and have a lot of fun. That's all possible with [...]

Rescue brigade Egmond is looking for new lifeguards

Rescue brigade Egmond is looking for new lifeguards EGMOND AT SEA - Summer is in full swing and preparations for the pool season have already started! The groups are almost full but if you were born in 2007 or sooner there is still limited space! So be quick! You can register via: https://www.facebook.com/ReddingsbrigadeEgmond/ #Reddingsbrigade #Egmond#Lifeguard #YoungRescuer

Galerie De Kapberg: art is beautiful

Heiloo - As was once fished at Egmond aan Zee, Huizen also has a history as a fishing village. Marian and Karen live there and the sea can still be seen in Marian's work. You also see ebb and flow in Karen and Barbara's work. There is whole again [...]

TC Egmond aan Zee organizes Huis ter Duin tournament

Image provided by: IPTLWorld REGIO - Good news for tennis lovers, because the Huis ter Duin tournament at TC Egmond aan Zee continues. From Monday 30 August to Saturday 4 the tournament will be played in September. The 'Huis ter Duin committee' is already busy preparing and hopes for sufficient registrations. So... [...]

Henk Verdonk (Within Egmond) junior can't be beat anymore?

Akersloot – Mountain biker Henk Verdonk junior from Egmond-Binnen has again become the winner of the weekly Thursday evening time trial as expected. Representatives from Egmond-Binnen were active on two fronts at De Cloppenburgh sports park. The football players of Sint Adelbert had to compete against Meervogels '31 amicably. This confrontation was largely settled in favor of the Akersloters. In contrast [...]

Huys Egmont opens its doors

Huys Egmont opens its doors on Friday 30 July 2021 we opened our Huys Egmont, after months of renovation. this video, made by Niek Mannes, gives a short impression of the opening. Many interested parties from the cultural-historical world were 30 July present at the opening of Huys Egmont. The Egmond flag was hoisted by [...]

Fete Egmond aan Zee 2021 cancelled

Fair Egmond aan Zee Fair 2021 canceled update 14-7-2021 In recent months we have been looking for ways to organize the fair this summer season. Unfortunately, in the current situation it is not possible to do this in a safe way, responsible way to realize. That's why we decided to close the fair for the summer season 2021 of [...]

PostaanZee gets sticker 'Together dementia friendly'

A first step for people with dementia and their partners DOOR: ED BAUSCH EGMOND AAN ZEE – PostaanZee is involved in the coastal village and is active in various fields. The atmospheric light space opposite the bus station on the Voorstraat has already become a dear meeting center for many for all kinds of things and if [...]

Singing lessons started again at PostaanZee!

EGMOND SEA - Karin ten Cate is Thursday 15 Started group lessons at Postaanzee again in July. Singing is good for breathing and that is especially important for everyone in this time. Now that the weather is allowed, the singer and singing teacher resumes group lessons every third Thursday of 13.30-14.30 hours at PostaanZee. All of this [...]


The old Catholic Sint-Agneskerk in Egmond aan Zee is regularly the location for a free organ concert. Monday night 19 July from 20:30 o'clock Jochem Schuurmans plays the organ. Schuurman is titular organist of the Martinikerk in Franeker and thus the permanent player of the monumental Van Dam organ from 1842. He studied at the Prince Claus Conservatoire [...]


The GGD has again scaled the risk of corona 'vigilant' to 'serious'. The number of positive corona tests rose sharply last week, because people since 1 July can request a test for free when they go on holiday. In addition, the bars and discos opened again. It is now mainly young people who test positive. That has so far [...]


FINALLY NO FAIR THIS YEAR IN EGMOND aan Zee: “DURING A CONCENSE OF CONDITIONS” The fair in Egmond aan Zee has been definitively canceled. The organization sees no possibility to organize the fair this year now that the relaxation of events has been reversed due to corona. BIZ Egmond aan Zee reports this, former Entrepreneurs Association Egmond Actief. according to [...]