Above you can see a selection of images of Egmond aan zee, the dunes and the beach.

Egmond aan Zee is the best known of the three Egmonds.

Over 1000 years ago, the town began as a fishing village, but since the beginning of the last century, it has a tourist interest. Both the fishermen- as the tourist past are still evident in the streets found. Prominent on the boulevard state lighthouse Jan van Speyk appearing from the whole village.

The village offers the holidaymaker plenty of entertainment. terraces, restaurants, and a shopping area with something for everyone. In the summer there is an event every week with lots of village entertainment that you can enjoy from a terrace on the Pompplein.

The shops are open all year 7 days a week and accessible for everyone.

The wide beach offers numerous possibilities for relaxation: beach chairs, sunbeds, windbreaks and beach pavilions. There are of course hiking, swimming, sail- and surfing, and it is possible to take part in, for example,: Power Branding Kitten or canoe which will result in an unforgettable beach experience.

Uitzicht van Egmond aan Zee

The sea and the water

In Egmond aan Zee is traditionally struggled against the water. Over the centuries gone regulated parts of the village into the sea, as in the 18th century

The sea also brought much prosperity, because the inhabitants of Egmond aan Zee earned their living mainly by fishing. They sailed the sea with the Pinck and bomschuiten, ship types that could be drawn easily on the beach.

In the beginning of the 20th century, with the advent of steam trawlers, attracted many Egmonders to IJmuiden and went to live there. Many do still think of the past fishing Egmond, such as the so-called fishermen's cottages and fishing monument.

Prince Henry Foundation is a striking building and was originally a shelter for old sailors. The Museum of Egmond is given a picture of the history. The tour also, organized by the Foundation for Historical Egmond, shows the past.

Egmond aan Zee From the beginning of the last century, very popular with tourists who came especially for the healthy sea air. Especially from the big cities were young children a guest in one of the many colony houses. High above the village stands the lighthouse Jan van Speyk out 1834. This tower was in 1838 chosen as J.C.J of Speyk monument, in memory of Lieutenant-to-Sea, who prefer to fly in the air than to give his ship over to the enemy, Belgians. He crossed the supply of powder on board to 5 February 1831. Apart from Speyk, also found 25 other crew members and a number of Belgians killed in the blast.

A little further on is the modern rescue station of the salvor KNRM. The rescue station Egmond has been involved in several famous strandings on the coast.

Egmond aan Zee verleden tijd


As a foundation year of Egmond aan Zee is often called the year 977.
When would Walgerus, a gentleman farmer from Egmond-Inside, ten houses have had to sculpt the sea. These houses were intended for a number of poor families, who were allowed to live there for nothing. They were allowed to fish in the sea and the only condition that allowed these Walgerus, was, they would donate ten percent of their catch to the abbey at Egmond-Inside.

Het Dorp Egmond aan Zee anno Nu

Present tense

1 January 2001: Bergen,Schoorl and merge to form the new municipality of Bergen. This creates a municipality with a 21 kilometer coastline, a varied landscape of beach, dunes, sea, woods and fields and a rich cultural past and present.

If you, as a sympathizer, want more involvement with Egmond aan Zee, then search on google to the website of Village Association Egmond Parel aan Zee

Cookbook from the Heiloo region, Egmond, Limmen and Bergen aan Zee: a heart under the belt for the hospitality industry in Corona time.

One to enjoy! After publishing the cookbook from the region in Heemskerk, Beverwijk, Uitgeest and Castricum thought Sylvia Blok from Heiloo was the turn of her own region. From the start, enthusiasm about participation at all restaurants was tremendous. The difficulty of the dishes should not be too high [...]

Short Walk in Egmond aan Zee on a Sunny Day (video)

Egmond aan Zee is located in North Holland, only ten kilometers from the cheese town of Alkmaar. In Egmond aan Zee you can enjoy a kilometer-long beach, take a walk to the lighthouse or take a nice bike ride through the dunes. ´╗┐

Beach houses and bathing cabins are being rebuilt

Afgelopen weekend legde Sjef Kenniphaas vast hoe de strandhuisjes en badcabines weer worden geplaatst in Egmond aan Zee. A beach cabin (of strandhuisje) is a wooden cabin, usually placed on a wooden foundation, on the beach along the dune edge. De cabines worden in voorjaar opgebouwd en in najaar weer afgebroken in verband met stormen. Het wordt gebruikt als omkleedcabine en als afgesloten plek [...]

Paintings at Postaanzee

EGMOND SEA - Postaanzee is known to everyone as a meeting center where it can be bustling with activities. Unfortunately, due to the corona crisis, it is all different now. But what not everyone knows is that it also houses two Egmond painters, t.w. Jos Apeldoorn and Huug Zentveld. They both belong to the Painters [...]

Touring – A sunny one 18 april 2021 in North Holland

Sunday 18 april 2021, nice weather to go to the beach, so via Uitgeest, Limmen, Egmond Inside to Egmond aan Zee. Enjoyed a breath of fresh air on the beach. Drove back via Bakkum, Heemskerk and Busch and Dam.

The first children's mayor has been installed

Eleven-year-old Thomas Meereboer from Bergen was installed on Thursday during the council meeting as the first children's mayor of the municipality of Bergen. As children's mayor, Thomas represents the children from the municipality. He has been appointed for a year. During the installation, the first children's mayor received a specially designed chain of office, with the coat of arms of Bergen and silver shells. The chain of office is [...]

Thom Groenendal new owner Mats in Egmond

Text: Iris Kranenburg article from entreemagazine.nl "It is an exciting and uncertain time, but sometimes you have to listen to your feelings and just act,"Says Thom Groenendal about his step from salaried employment to entrepreneur. He is taking effect from 1 April Mats at the Pompplein in the center of Egmond aan Zee. Doing business in times of crisis? [...]

Albertuskerk in Egmond-inside sold

The abandoned Roman Catholic Adelbertuskerk on Kerkplein in Egmond-Binnen has a new owner. The Roman Catholic parish has sold the church through a public tender to SKA Projectmanagement B.V. from Landsmeer. In the coming period they will start making plans and the eventual realization of approximately 50 affordable rental housing on the spot [...]

Tobogganing in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee.

What could be better than sledding with the whole class in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee.
During this walk we also encountered some natural grazers.

The Burgundian in Hoorn opens second catering business in Egmond aan Zee

HOORN - Hospitality entrepreneurs Lukas and Rhea Broekmeulen are going to open a second business in Egmond aan Zee in addition to De Bourgondiaanse in Hoorn. Despite the difficult times for the hospitality industry, they see opportunities for expansion. "We have been looking for a larger platform to shape our vision for years", Lukas indicates. "We are [...]

Egmond pastor now really exchanges places and leaves for Amersfoort

EGMOND SEA - Pastor Rudolf Scheltinga of the Old Catholic Church in Egmond aan Zee is leaving this summer for an Old Catholic parish in Amersfoort. He was pastor in Egmond for over eleven years and a well-known figure in the village. Daarnaast deed Scheltinga enthousiast mee aan onze serie 'Van Streek in de Stad', in which he one [...]

Housing or agricultural land? Village interests Egmond-Binnen is happy with new houses, but is in a "split".

Housing or agricultural land? The municipality of Bergen wants to build new neighborhoods in Egmond aan den Hoef and Egmond-Binnen. Village interests Egmond-Binnen is happy with the plans for new homes, although they are in "splits". Nature organizations object to the construction on the three pieces of agricultural land

The new mayor of Bergen must work on the trust?

After an "administratively uncomfortable period", the new mayor of Bergen has to work on confidence: the wish list for the new mayor or father is there

Opening Hospice Egmond is moving further

EGMOND SEA - The opening of Hospice Egmond will be further postponed due to the extension of the national lockdown. The board feels a great responsibility for the many volunteers, who largely belong to the risk group because of their age. However, things are still getting hard in and around the building [...]

No Egmond-Pier-Egmond, nevertheless a battle between former pros Laurens ten Dam and Thomas Dekker: 'I'm exhausted'

photo: ┬ę Photo Martin de Haan Door: Kees van Dalsem (Bank dagblad) A year ago, former professional cyclists Thomas Dekker and Laurens ten Dam made the bet: which of the two is the fastest during Egmond-Pier-Egmond 2021? In the end, the match was canceled, but "the battle" was held on Saturday. With the help of Niki Terpstra [...]

Enjoy storm Bella: "Get some fresh air on the beach of Egmond

EGMOND SEA - Not recovering from Christmas at home on the couch, but nice to the coast. Several beachgoers were looking forward to the high waves and strong gusts of wind. Storm Bella held the province in her grip all morning and early afternoon. "Then it is fun, However? Delicious. Have a look [...]

Beer brewery Egmond is doing well despite the corona crisis: “Gun factor has changed”

Heiloo - Despite the fact that the catering industry is having a hard time during the corona crisis, The local brewers are doing very well. This is also the case at Egmond brewery. "We just keep working. We now mainly make a lot of packages for our customers", manager Bert Niesten tells NH Radio. Christmas is coming again [...]

Hotels divided, Zuiderduin closed: “Not the experience we want to offer”

Hotel Zuiderduin in Egmond aan Zee is closing its doors, Merlet in Schoorl not yet. "We offer take-away from the restaurant", let owner Martin van Bourgonje know. But the owner of Zuiderduin does not like that: "It's a strange sensation, overnight but without food and drink", let the receptionist know to NH Nieuws. [...]

Fire brigade rushed to Egmond Aan Zee

The Egmond Aan Zee fire brigade is Monday 23 November alarmed . The report was turned 19:43 sent via the P2000 network to the fire brigade of Egmond Aan Zee, who went to the scene urgently. Egmond Aan Zee is a place in the province of Noord-Holland and falls under the P2000 region of Noord-Holland Noord. The emergency services in Egmond Aan Zee [...]