Above you can see a selection of images of Egmond aan zee, the dunes and the beach.

Egmond aan Zee is the best known of the three Egmonds.

Over 1000 years ago, the town began as a fishing village, but since the beginning of the last century, it has a tourist interest. Both the fishermen- as the tourist past are still evident in the streets found. Prominent on the boulevard state lighthouse Jan van Speyk appearing from the whole village.

The village offers the holidaymaker plenty of entertainment. terraces, restaurants, and a shopping area with something for everyone. In the summer there is an event every week with lots of village entertainment that you can enjoy from a terrace on the Pompplein.

The shops are open all year 7 days a week and accessible for everyone.

The wide beach offers numerous possibilities for relaxation: beach chairs, sunbeds, windbreaks and beach pavilions. There are of course hiking, swimming, sail- and surfing, and it is possible to take part in, for example,: Power Branding Kitten or canoe which will result in an unforgettable beach experience.

Uitzicht van Egmond aan Zee

The sea and the water

In Egmond aan Zee is traditionally struggled against the water. Over the centuries gone regulated parts of the village into the sea, as in the 18th century

The sea also brought much prosperity, because the inhabitants of Egmond aan Zee earned their living mainly by fishing. They sailed the sea with the Pinck and bomschuiten, ship types that could be drawn easily on the beach.

In the beginning of the 20th century, with the advent of steam trawlers, attracted many Egmonders to IJmuiden and went to live there. Many do still think of the past fishing Egmond, such as the so-called fishermen's cottages and fishing monument.

Prince Henry Foundation is a striking building and was originally a shelter for old sailors. The Museum of Egmond is given a picture of the history. The tour also, organized by the Foundation for Historical Egmond, shows the past.

Egmond aan Zee From the beginning of the last century, very popular with tourists who came especially for the healthy sea air. Especially from the big cities were young children a guest in one of the many colony houses. High above the village stands the lighthouse Jan van Speyk out 1834. This tower was in 1838 chosen as J.C.J of Speyk monument, in memory of Lieutenant-to-Sea, who prefer to fly in the air than to give his ship over to the enemy, Belgians. He crossed the supply of powder on board to 5 February 1831. Apart from Speyk, also found 25 other crew members and a number of Belgians killed in the blast.

A little further on is the modern rescue station of the salvor KNRM. The rescue station Egmond has been involved in several famous strandings on the coast.

Egmond aan Zee verleden tijd


As a foundation year of Egmond aan Zee is often called the year 977.
When would Walgerus, a gentleman farmer from Egmond-Inside, ten houses have had to sculpt the sea. These houses were intended for a number of poor families, who were allowed to live there for nothing. They were allowed to fish in the sea and the only condition that allowed these Walgerus, was, they would donate ten percent of their catch to the abbey at Egmond-Inside.

Het Dorp Egmond aan Zee anno Nu

Present tense

1 January 2001: Bergen,Schoorl and merge to form the new municipality of Bergen. This creates a municipality with a 21 kilometer coastline, a varied landscape of beach, dunes, sea, woods and fields and a rich cultural past and present.

If you, as a sympathizer, want more involvement with Egmond aan Zee, then search on google to the website of Village Association Egmond Parel aan Zee

Fete Egmond aan Zee 2021 cancelled

Fair Egmond aan Zee Fair 2021 canceled update 14-7-2021 In recent months we have been looking for ways to organize the fair this summer season. Unfortunately, in the current situation it is not possible to do this in a safe way, responsible way to realize. That's why we decided to close the fair for the summer season 2021 of [...]

PostaanZee gets sticker 'Together dementia friendly'

A first step for people with dementia and their partners DOOR: ED BAUSCH EGMOND AAN ZEE – PostaanZee is involved in the coastal village and is active in various fields. The atmospheric light space opposite the bus station on the Voorstraat has already become a dear meeting center for many for all kinds of things and if [...]

Singing lessons started again at PostaanZee!

EGMOND SEA - Karin ten Cate is Thursday 15 Started group lessons at Postaanzee again in July. Singing is good for breathing and that is especially important for everyone in this time. Now that the weather is allowed, the singer and singing teacher resumes group lessons every third Thursday of 13.30-14.30 hours at PostaanZee. All of this [...]


The old Catholic Sint-Agneskerk in Egmond aan Zee is regularly the location for a free organ concert. Monday night 19 July from 20:30 o'clock Jochem Schuurmans plays the organ. Schuurman is titular organist of the Martinikerk in Franeker and thus the permanent player of the monumental Van Dam organ from 1842. He studied at the Prince Claus Conservatoire [...]


The GGD has again scaled the risk of corona 'vigilant' to 'serious'. The number of positive corona tests rose sharply last week, because people since 1 July can request a test for free when they go on holiday. In addition, the bars and discos opened again. It is now mainly young people who test positive. That has so far [...]


FINALLY NO FAIR THIS YEAR IN EGMOND aan Zee: “DURING A CONCENSE OF CONDITIONS” The fair in Egmond aan Zee has been definitively canceled. The organization sees no possibility to organize the fair this year now that the relaxation of events has been reversed due to corona. BIZ Egmond aan Zee reports this, former Entrepreneurs Association Egmond Actief. according to [...]

Summer evening concerts start

Summer evening concerts An annual summer evening series- concerts in July and August. Over the years these concerts turn out to be very successful. Renowned organists play there, but young talent also gets a chance. A couple of times a duo performs (organ +) After a year of dead silence you can hear the sound of a [...]

Egmond Fishermen's Wives "come home

The work of painter Roeland Koning, with the Derper fishermen's wives Antje de Groot-Wijker on it (links) and Jannetje Krab-de Groot and an unknown woman, is from 3 July every afternoon in the museum from 14.00 to 17.00 hour. There is no need to book. The museum card is valid.

Summer Sunday evening with poetry and music in Slotkapel

Summer Sunday evening with poetry and music in the Slotkapel 'Come with stories tonight' is the theme for a number of summer evenings with music and poetry that will be held in the Slotkapel this summer. For two decades, the chapel was open for a project that came to be known as the “Luchtig Slot”. Exactly the twentieth music evening in the [...]

Ferris wheel Egmond 2021 The first Live images

Ferris wheel Egmond 2021 The first Live images Last Friday white smoke came out of the chimney. "I'm glad we can stand again!”, as Jan Vallentgoed told it. Wednesday 30 June the Ferris wheel in the car park on the Bouleget started again. We worked hard over the weekend to get the material ready [...]

Lars Voskuil nominated as new mayor of Bergen

Lars Voskuil is recommended as new mayor of the municipality of Bergen. The city council of Bergen decided that on Tuesday evening and then made it public. Mr Voskuil has political-administrative experience as a Member of Parliament and party chairman of the PvdA faction in the Provincial Council of North Holland and as a councilor and faction leader in the municipal councils of Naarden and Gooise Meren. [...]

Allium flower bulbs in full bloom again

Allium flower bulbs in full bloom again Around Egmond aan den Hoef there are the Allium flower bulbs, better known as the ornamental onion, in full bloom again. Not a day goes by without the cyclists and motorists stopping to take a picture. It sometimes causes congestion on the Egmonderstraatweg. On the Herenweg to Castricum or direction [...]

Downpour makes streets underwater in Egmond aan Zee, restaurants on the Pompplein and the Cafe de Werf in the Zuiderstraat a lot of flooding.

Downpour makes streets underwater in Egmond aan Zee. Restaurants on the Pompplein and the Cafe de Werf in the Zuiderstraat a lot of flooding.   The sudden downpour that raged over us that afternoon caused a lot of damage and flooding, the water basin which is located under the Pompplein in Egmond aan Zee was not sufficient and the Zuiderstraat [...]

Also this summer with the coastal bus to the sea

Kustbus 866 last year in Bergen aan Zee - Dune region Central Also this summer with the coastal bus to the sea The coastal buses 866 in 868 will also drive to Bergen and Castricum aan Zee during these summer months. These summer lines run thanks to a financial contribution from both municipalities and should thus reduce car traffic to the coast. The coastal bus timetable starts [...]

Egmond is visited every year by a huge number of tourists. Do you think something about that??

Egmond is visited every year by a huge number of tourists, But what do we as residents think about that?? I'm doing research on this for my thesis - how do the residents of the municipality of Bergen view the impact of tourism? Would you like to help me with this research through the survey en (ong. 3 minutes) in [...]


COUNSELOR CONVERSION: “MAKING EVERYONE SKILLED WITH DIGITAL PARKING” With a delay of three months, digital parking can probably be introduced in the municipality of Bergen in June. That was actually already on 1 must happen in march, but at the last minute it turned out that more certainties had to be built in to protect the data of the inhabitants. [...]

Lighthouse Egmond aan Zee 2021

WALK YOU ON 27 NOVEMBER 2021? The Egmond Lighthouse will be different from normal this year. The Fjoertoer Egmond takes place every year on the last Saturday of November. This year we will spread the event over two days: on Friday 27 and Saturday 28 The Fjoertoer Egmond will be organized in November this year. we mean [...]


NO STRIP YET DUE TO EXCEPTION FOR RENTAL OWN HOME IN BERGEN AND EGMOND Only after the summer will a decision be made on the recreational rental of private homes in Egmond aan Zee and Bergen aan Zee. That is the outcome of a committee meeting of the city council on Tuesday evening, where the proposal was on the agenda. The [...]

No exceptional status for tourist rental of homes

The college proposes to the council to consider the possibilities for tourist rental of (second) houses in Bergen aan Zee and the terrace flat in Egmond aan Zee cannot be made more spacious compared to the rest of the municipality. If the council agrees to the proposal, the notification and registration obligation of tourist rental will apply [...]

Kimberly’s Hairshop weer open

Kimberly's Hairsalon open again The train rages on and Kimberly de Goede is not sitting still now that hair is allowed again. In her modern salon, Kimberly’s Barber & Hairshop at the Herenweg in Egmond What she used to do alone, she now does together with a colleague. The asset Xenya who works as a freelancer [...]