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  • Bergen - with cannabis 1500 rolled plant 10 September, 2015
    The police Wednesday afternoon about 13.00 hours on the Irenelaan a cannabis more than 1500 plants found.
  • Bergen - Witnesses wanted arson 2 September, 2015
    Wednesday's round 1.00 hour arson at a youth center in the Molenweidtje.
  • Bergen - Twice as hard as permitted in built-up areas 1 September, 2015
    During a speed trap on the Road Police Monday morning has recovered the license of a motorist 105 mph drove at a permitted speed limit 50 mph.
  • Egmond aan Zee - Two car burglars arrested 28 August, 2015
    This morning, two car burglars were arrested at the Van Speijkstraat.
  • Egmond aan den Hoef - Witnesses sought in burglaries 26 August, 2015
    The police are looking for witnesses on the night of Friday 21 on Saturday 22 and in the night from Saturday 22 on Sunday 23 August, seen suspicious persons in Egmond aan de Hoef. Both nights were together committed in the otherwise quiet village five burglaries. The police reached […]
  • Bergen - Witnesses Call burglary 20 August, 2015
    Police are seeking witnesses to a burglary Wednesday around 17.55 hours at the Jan Apeldoornweg.
  • Bergen - Witnesses wanted havoc car 16 August, 2015
    Police are seeking witnesses to a destruction of a car following a traffic situation on the Reenenpark, at the height of the Hippodrome Avenue.
  • Bergen - Burglar arrested 30 July, 2015
    The Dirk Klompweg has kept the police on the night of Wednesday to Thursday a 37-year-old man from Alkmaar. A witness heard noise and saw a window venield was at a home.
  • Bergen - Autobekraster arrested 29 July, 2015
    Wednesday is a 68-year-old woman arrested in Bergen on suspicion of scratching several cars in her hometown.
  • Bergen - Witnesses call fire 22 July, 2015
    Police are seeking witnesses to a fire in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday around 03.15 Hour has raged on Dirk Klompweg.

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