Speelpark Batavierstraat is an attractive park where children can play plenty, climb and romp.

Children can have fun with many different attractions, where they are not having to stand in line.

While the children play in the playground, you can enjoy a drink on the sunny terrace or in the cozy restaurant. Consideration was also given to the appetite!

After playing, snacks and drinks, the whole family can have a round of mini-golf on our miniature golf course.
In short, Batavierstraat is a great place where young and old can enjoy together delicious.

What attractions are to be found among others in the park?

  • Pleintje venture with Bedriegertjes
  • Trampolinepark
  • Miniature golf course, the Bedriegertjes (18 holes)
  • Peutertuin with sandbox
  • Trail with mini cars and mini motors
  • Boat Pond
  • Cableway *
  • Large trampoline
  • Table tennis
  • Carousel *
  • Laughing mirror
  • Pedalos
  • Giant table soccer game
  • Train through the outside
  • Area *
  • Nautic Jet*
  • Luna Loop*
  • Minihorses (Falabella's)
There is also next to the large playground and picnic facilities an attractive restaurant and a large sun terrace.
Visitors can park playground Batavierstraat.
Bergerweg 100
1817MN Alkmaar


In very bad weather it is advisable to make a phone call: 072-5114816

Entrance to the park includes miniature golf "the Bedriegertjes", boats sail, parking and more!

Children until 2 year: Free
Children 2 t/m 5 year: €5,50 p.p. incl. coin carousel!
Children 6 year
and older:
€5,50 p.p. of
€8,50 p.p. incl. 3 attraction coins!*
Adults: €5,50 p.p.
Minigolf only: €5,50 p.p.

*The attraction coins can be used for the Luna Loop, Cable car or the Splash!