Which floor coating is ideal for your home or business?


It's a real trend right now to have a concrete look at home. This is all related to the popularity of the industrial style. A sustainable floor with a beautiful coating is the ideal basis to completely restyle your home in an industrial atmosphere. This way you can with a floor coating achieve a beautiful result if you apply this in a professional way. For the average do-it-yourselfer it is certainly feasible to apply a nice coating on an existing flat floor. But how do you do that?



Of floor coating is actually an affordable alternative to the cast floor. The advantage of the floor coating is that you can get started with it yourself, without hiring a specialist. So you not only pay less than for a cast floor, but you also don't have to pay an expert's wages. This is how you kill two birds with one stone.



If you have a new-build house, the floor will usually be delivered beautifully sleek. However, you have to be careful that no building material or dust is left behind on the floor. In preparation, it is necessary that you have a perfectly flat floor as a surface. In an already occupied house it is also important that there are no unevenness on the subfloor. If you don't remove it, these irregularities will be visible in the end result. Also make the floor grease-free and make sure that the space in which you work is between the 15 in 25 degrees Celsius. In addition, the humidity in the room should not exceed 85 percent and the floor must be bone dry. The subfloor must be less than 2,5% contain moisture. So if you start this beautiful job yourself, it is useful to have the list of conditions in a row for yourself, so it can't go wrong.


Concrete floor coating

Although a concrete floor coating is a very good durable covering of the floor in the house, do you see this style more often in a commercial application. The advantage of this coating is that it is not only extremely strong and wear-resistant, but also has a nice look. If you want to give a normal concrete floor extra character and durability, a concrete floor coating the ideal solution. If you have ever been to a workshop or showroom of a garage, you will probably recognize the application. Applying this material makes the floor strong, wear-resistant and impervious to dirt, moisture and chemicals. In no time, the floor becomes terribly hard and even bridges any cracks in the concrete.



It is also possible to apply a coating with anti-slip. This has a grainy structure so that the floor is not too slippery. This way you always walk safely through your home or business. Are you looking for a specific color?, then it is reassuring to know that a concrete floor coating is available in different colors. For example, a concrete floor with epoxy coating is even available in many thousands of colors. Also for companies that have a corporate identity in a certain color a solution to give the interior just that little bit extra.