What is important when choosing a good cylinder lock??

You want to secure your home as well as possible to keep burglars out. Cylinder locks are the basis of a well-secured door. When choosing a cylinder lock, there are several options that you can choose from. In dit artikel vertellen wij je wat van belang is bij de keuze voor een cilinderslot.

What is a cylinder lock?

When you come home, do you often put the key in the keyhole without thinking?. As soon as you turn, opens the door. But how does this mechanism actually work?? Through a cylinder. Most wrenches are cut wrenches, provided with 5 of 6 cuts that fit snugly in the lock. When the depth of the cuts on the key corresponds to the length of the in the cylinder, a break is created in the lock so that you can turn it. Deur-cilindersloten.nl is specialist op het gebied van cilindersloten en heeft een groot aantal opties om uit te kiezen.


When you decide to purchase a cylinder lock, is it important to buy a good one?. This can be recognized by the 2- or 3-star certification. This means that the key that goes into the lock, is not easy to imitate, which promotes the safety of your lock. These keys can only be copied on presentation of a certificate. This allows you to give your keys to people without a doubt, aangezien zij hem niet kunnen namaken zonder het bijbehorende certificaat te laten zien.


There are different versions of a cylinder lock. This is how the half cylinder exists, this is used for doors that only need to be closed from one side, like a barn door. There are also locks with double cylinder, gebruikt voor deuren die van twee kanten op slot gedraaid kunnen worden.

Electronic cylinder

In addition to physical cylinder locks, are there digital ones too?. Think of doors that mean a pass, tag or phone can be opened. You often encounter these doors in companies or hotels. If you already have a physical cylinder lock, can you have it digitized by a specialist. This one places a digital knob cylinder on it, equipped with sensors, bluetooth and batteries. As soon as you get your pass, tag or phone for it, this button reads that and gives you access that way. When purchasing a cylinder lock, it is important to see whether you want a normal or a digital variant.