The many benefits of an illuminated bathroom mirror

The mirror is an indispensable bathroom accessory. It is very unusual to find such a space without a mirror, so it is important that you choose the right one when designing your bathroom. People can be pretty vain, you will often see people spend hours and hours in front of a mirror making sure they look their best. The mirror plays a major role in everyday life, so it is important that you choose one that you are happy with. Because of the advantages below, it is recommended to choose a mirror with lighting.


Many options

When you are looking for an illuminated mirror, you will find that these come in many forms, sizes and designs available. The newer ones have been slimmed down to allow for additional features. Space is becoming a concern in standard modern homes and bathrooms in particular are much more compact than they used to be, which is why an illuminated mirror is perfect. It will help create the illusion of space and is a brilliant bathroom decor.



Most illuminated mirrors have an anti-fog function built into the mirror, that allows a rapid demystification. This means that when you look in the mirror, it is fog-free at all times. This allows you to use the mirror immediately after showering if you want to prepare yourself for the rest of the day by, for example, doing your hair and brushing your teeth.. This is also useful for men who want to shave their beards after a shower.



Most lighted bathroom mirrors will use LED lighting to create a clean and bright image. LED bulbs are known to be very energy efficient because they produce more light with much less heat. LEDs are very bright, so you won't have trouble seeing yourself when using it to apply your makeup or to shave. The light forms a beautiful centerpiece in the bathroom and fits into any style, while it is also energy efficient.


Extra storage space

Except it's a standard mirror, can you also buy illuminated mirrors in the shape of a cupboard. These illuminated mirror cabinets are available in different versions, ideal for when you have a bathroom with little space. In general, you won't have much extra storage space in a cabinet with an illuminated mirror, although you can, for example, keep your spare toothbrush and extra toothpastes and shampoo bottles in it. Yes beautiful women's shoes usually don't fit.



The glass used in making illuminated mirrors is very different from regular or traditional glass. Illuminated mirrors tend to use high-quality magnification glass panels that help improve the quality of your reflection. Magnification strength may vary, so choose one that suits you. Of course it should also fit well with the rest of the bathroom, the design of the mirror plays a major role in this.