Be able to work independently worldwide and earn money without a permanent residence. Armed with a laptop and mobile internet connection, digital nomads have made this a reality. Digital Nomads, as they are often called, are entrepreneurs who run their business while traveling around the world.


Today, the number of Digital Nomads is steadily increasing worldwide. There are even countries that have now introduced a special Digital Nomad visa. But what about the Netherlands when it comes to facilitating the Digital Nomad existence? In this article you can read all about it.


The challenges of a digital nomadic existence

It sounds appealing to many people: being able to earn your money anywhere in the world and not be tied to anything. Of course, the life of a digital nomad offers the necessary benefits such as unlimited travel. In practice, the life of a digital nomad is not always a bed of roses.


As a digital nomad, there are several challenges. The main one is arranging the correct residence documents when you travel across the border. In addition, you must especially have the discipline yourself to properly arrange all your financial affairs as an entrepreneur.


Be sure of your income

The most important issue as a digital nomad is making sure clients pay on time. A reliable guideline is to offer clients various secure payment options.


A good example of an industry that offers a wide range of secure payment options to customers are online casinos. As reputable bodies, online casinos have strict regulations to protect their customers secure casino payment methods to offer. For example, online casinos in the Netherlands offer customers the opportunity to make secure payments via Ideal and the trustly payment platform. Both options jointly offer customers throughout Europe the possibility to make secure and secure payments.


As a Digital Nomad, therefore, consider whether you can also use such payment methods for your own company.

Digital Nomads in the Netherlands

Digital nomads who want to settle in the Netherlands for a longer period of time would do well to prepare in advance. Most travelers from outside the E.U. can move from abroad 90 Settle free for days in the Netherlands. Is the stay longer, then a matching work visa must be applied for.


Attractive locations for Digital Nomads

The large cities in the Randstad are especially attractive for digital nomads. This is where by far the most coworking workplaces can be found. The big cities also offer every opportunity for digital nomads to get to know the local residents and other expats.


Once in need of peace and space, the Netherlands also offers the necessary nature that digitial nomads can retreat to. Mainly the several coastal towns are an attractive destination for nature lovers.


Available facilities

In terms of facilities, the Netherlands is not doing badly either. Good internet is available everywhere and public transport is also very reliable, making traveling through the country easy.


Dutch Digital Nomads traveling abroad

Dutch Digital Nomads who want to travel abroad should also prepare well. For example, it is important to know that travelers who are longer than 8 go abroad for months, have to deregister from the basic registration of persons (BRP). If your company is registered with the Chamber of Commerce, you should take this into account.


For this reason, most Digital Nomads choose to complete within the period of 8 months to return. This way you prevent your company from unexpectedly disappearing.