Sports: bet you win?

The schools have started again and so has the sport. After all the silence, sports fans breathe a sigh of relief and the TVs in the Netherlands turn grass green or Redbull red and yellow again.. Local sports associations still have difficulty integrating all measures, set out the routes and meet all conditions, who wins at football and where Max ends up the talk of the day again.

De Kantine will remain at V.V. Seabirds close to all training sessions for the time being, exercise- and cup matches, gives V.V. Egmondia on its site indicates that the canteen must be seated in the seats that are organized for this purpose. However, the rule applies; vol = vol. You can enter via the front door and outside you go through the back door. The teams are requested to proceed directly to the changing rooms. And everything of course via the walking routes. It is not easy yet and everything shows that the boards have had a busy time despite all the silence.

Just play at home

But at home in front of your TV everything seems as before. Provided you don't want to follow the football match with friends, because then it becomes choosing. For those who think they can predict the results in the various matches, there is good news. There is just still the premise. In this casino play corona, stay home and 1,5 Fortunately, keeping a meter away is no obstacle. You can play whenever you want. This way sports really becomes a lot more fun. Together with you (Sports) friends can of course also participate. Instead of your weekly night out, you now organize an online casino night.

Still in the race

Max Verstappen is of course also hot news. Is it not because of a great victory or because of the news that Honda and Red Bull are going to invest one billion in him. ''And, it will eventually be him at Red Bull. A billion will be invested in this project to make Verstappen champion. However, the Achilles' heel has always been the engine, but now it is the second driver. Honda is taking steps forward, but Verstappen has no one next to him who can help develop the car "", said Robert Doornbos in the Formula 1 Podcast of the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad.

In the lead

But Lionel Messi is undoubtedly at the head of the news. From the moment it was announced that he was leaving FC Barcelona, was the news. All magazines are full of it. It's almost a daily soap. to become. The headlines alternate at breakneck speed. From the news that he's leaving to "end of the age", "Fighting divorce between Lionel Messi and Barcelona looms" and "Total war". And although Messi seems to have chosen, he will probably stay in the news for a while.