Cottage with hot tub

Everyone knows the wonderfully warm sultry summer days when you can walk in your swimsuit all day long. But everyone probably also knows the feeling that it gets cold in the evening and that you can't sit outside anymore. Fortunately, there is the perfect solution for that! Curious? Then read on soon.

Always sit outside

How nice is it to go to the sun and be almost sure of the nice weather? Relax by a pool or relax on the beach! Unfortunately, it can also cool down considerably in the evenings in the southern countries. Everyone knows the situation where you go out for dinner without a cardigan or sweater, which is just a little too enthusiastic. Do you always think it's such a shame to have to put on all those thick clothes, but do you want to sit outside? Then rent a house with hot tub.


Enjoy a few days away with your loved one in the summer vacation is of course delicious. You can enjoy the sun, do a city trip or stay in the Netherlands. How nice is it to surprise your partner during the holidays with a nice extra at the house: a bubble bath! Nothing is so romantic to bubble under the starry sky together after a super fun day of the holiday.


One really likes lazing around and doing nothing during the holidays. But other people love to be active during the holidays and do fun things, for example by surfing or hiking in the mountains. But even on active holidays, a little relaxation is required! To relax the muscles after the activity, there is nothing better than relaxing in a hot tub at your own house!


When you go on holiday with the family, the children will probably not be able to get away from the pool and/or the sea. That's why they will also hate as soon as you go to the house and they can't swim anymore. But how nice is it for your children to be able to sit in a bubble bath and play as soon as they come back to their own house. Also super cozy for your partner and you as soon as the kids are in bed to experience some romance together.

In short, plenty of reasons and situations in which renting a house with a hot tub is a real addition to the holiday!