Delivering parcels doesn't seem like such a complicated process. But as a webshop or company that sends packages, there is a lot you have to take into account. In addition, the delivery reflects on your company, but you don't have it in your own hands. It is therefore wise to pay sufficient attention to the delivery of your packages.

The first choices you have to make

The first question you have to answer for yourself is of course; how do I deliver parcels? In the beginning it is probably not such a big problem to do everything yourself, and also just send your packages yourself. But if you get orders every day, this gets a bit difficult. When you 100 packages sent per year, you can often already conclude contracts with a delivery service. You have to look for a delivery person who quickly, trustworthy, is flexible and automated. Of course, the cost also plays a role.

What options do I offer?

Your customers generally expect a fast delivery, preferably indoors anyway 24 hour. You must therefore conclude a contract in which this is possible. You could also add the option for Same Day delivery. In addition, many packages are of course returned. You should also make a policy for this. You can have the customer return it themselves, but you can also have it picked up by your carrier. This gives you more control over the return process. In addition, customers find ease of return very important.

The shipping fees

A lot of people are shopping online these days, and one of the biggest drawbacks of this is the shipping cost. It is therefore advisable to calculate the shipping costs in the usual prices, so you can say that customers benefit from free shipping. It may be that you are no longer the cheapest, but this is still experienced as an advantage. You can also choose to make shipping free from a certain amount, which often also ensures that people are inclined to buy more.

Prevent theft and fraud

A major disadvantage of online shopping is theft and fraud. It's a lot easier to scam someone online than to steal a package physically. You can think of identity theft, where a random victim gets bills for packages he or she never bought. As a webshop you don't get your money, but did you lose your stuff?. You also have the risk of a credit card, where you can still revert the costs. Or people say they have not received their package and demand their money back. That is why options such as a signature on delivery and only delivery to a home address are good to prevent fraud. It is also increasingly being chosen to pay on delivery, so that there can be no misunderstandings.

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