How do you make your message even more personal??

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When you have to convey a message and convey it to several people, it can be nice if this is a personal message. We often see a personal message when someone is proposed to or when you are invited to the wedding or a birth has taken place and you want to inform friends and family. There are several ways to convey a message like this and to make this message even more personal. In this article we are going to look at the ways of conveying messages and how you can personalize them.


In most cases, the choice is made for making cards. Making cards to convey a message is a concept that has been going on in our society for a long time. We do this for birthdays to make the invitation as well as to congratulate someone and many other occasions. The best thing is to personalize your card of course. You can do this based on theme or based on event. For example, give your child a spiderman themed birthday? Then you can also make nice cards with a spiderman theme. Was your daughter or son born?? Then you can have your cards made in the theme of the sex of the baby. There are countless ways to ensure that your card conveys the personal message nicely.

You can make cards easily and quickly via an Albelli . program. Allows you to choose templates (those are card styles that have already been designed for you) or you can make your own card by uploading a photo. You can make it as crazy as you want! Go to Albelli's website and look at all the possibilities!

Other ways of getting your message across

In principle, we most often choose to convey a message via cards. But in some cases you only need to get this message across to one person. In these cases you don't have to do this in the form of a card, but you can make it as big and crazy as you want. A good example of this is asking someone to marry you. A lot of people do this by unpacking the biggest. Some people even hire a plane to "Will you marry me" in the sky?’ to get the message across.