Get some fresh air on the bike

Would you like to have fun in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee and surroundings and work on your condition at the same time? Then cycling is a suitable activity for you. You don't have to be sporty to be able to cycle. By practicing more often, you're getting better at this. To cycle, of course you need a safe bike. On the bikes Do you have a choice of different models?. This has to do with the different motives why people use a bicycle. One does it to get a breath of fresh air on the bike and the other uses the bike to burn more body fat. Are you also curious which bike is suitable for you? You can read more about this in this article.

De Flyer e-bikes

Electric bicycles are used more and more. This is of course different from the normal bike, with which you only use your own strength to move forward. The electric bicycles have a small motor, which is activated with every kick. This allows you to progress faster and you can make more distance in a short time. Of flyer e bikes are electric bicycles from the Swiss brand, Flyer. These are ideal bicycles if you are looking for high-quality electric bicycles, which also offers comfort and stability. In addition, this brand is also characterized as sustainable.

De Winona e-bikes

In addition to the Swiss brand, Flyer, are there other brands?. In Germany the brand is, Winona, very well known. The Winona e-bikes are also electric bicycles, but unlike the Flyers bike, does this bike model need more effort. These bikes are suitable for people who are a bit more sporty. This model has a powerful motor that lasts quite a long time. This also applies to the batteries. When you need a lot of effort to control the bike, Do you need comfort while cycling?. And that's what the Winona e-bikes offer.

In short, the motives for cycling can be very diverse. Different types of bicycles are offered at Eltener Fahrradprofi. There are the Winona e-bikes and the Flyer e-bikes. The Winona e-bikes are very popular in Germany and the Flyer e-bikes comes from the Swiss model. If you are an active athlete and would like to use an electric bicycle, the Winona e-bikes are suitable for you. Rather make long distances without putting much effort, then a Flyer e-bikes is a suitable bike for you.