Photography by Anne-Marie Kok – Anco Scholte ter Horst (CEO Freedom) and Twan (Manager Commerce Freedom)


Freedom gets a spot in top 10 internet providers with 'view-free' internet access


Freedom Internet exists three years. More and more people are familiar with this new internet provider, television and telephone. The provider for privacy-conscious people is rapidly conquering a place in various top-10 lists. Last year they became first in the test of the 'Best all-in-1 provider' of the Consumers' Association. What makes Freedom different?


Your data, your choice

The Internet has brought joy and convenience to millions of people, but also a new online economy with 'free'’ services, in exchange for data. This data exchange is in fact data robbery. Internet users have no choice. Freedom believes that things should be different and therefore provides 'view-free' internet access. The provider does not monitor e-mail or internet traffic and does not sell data to third parties to map the behavior of users for profiling, marketing of advertising.


“We see the internet as a primary necessity of life. This means that the internet must be safe and accessible for everyone. Unfortunately it is not yet. Our data is sold daily. Advertisements are forced on us. Our kids get a Google account before they can write. We like that and that is why we are committed to a better internet.” explains Twan Welboren (Commercial Manager) from.


Internet, tv & to call

In addition to an internet connection, Freedom also provides television and telephony. With your subscription you get five mailboxes, twelve aliases and security software. You will also receive one .NL domain name. “Switching providers is difficult, because your e-mail address will also change. You can prevent this by choosing a provider independent e-mail address or using your own domain. Moreover, with Freedom you can always take your @freedom email address with you if you want to switch to another provider, because you can also purchase this service separately.” according to Twan.


Freedom now also delivers internet to you via fiberglass. Word lid! Go to and do the zip code check.