This is how you easily compare all health insurance policies!

In the Netherlands, everyone is obliged to have at least basic health insurance, in case something happens to a person. With a basic health insurance you pay an average amount of 110 – 134 euros per month. You often think to yourself whether this can't be cheaper. This article therefore answers that question. By comparing every year you can save a lot of money. But how do you compare now and what do you have to think about while comparing? By following these helpful tips, do you have exactly the health insurance you need and you never pay too much!

Think carefully about what you really need

During the vbad health insurance, it is important to think carefully about what is really necessary for your situation. Basic health insurance is often almost the same in price with every provider. Only when you choose additional health insurance, is it interesting to use a comparator. What is a comparator? A comparator is often a website, that puts various insurance providers together in a clear manner. With the help of a comparator you can include your wishes and needs in the comparison. This will show you a complete list of different healthcare providers, so you can choose the provider with the best price-quality ratio. This way you never pay too much for your health insurance.

Increase the deductible for a lower health care premium

The deductible in 2022 amounts to 385 euro, which means you first 385 have to pay euros in healthcare costs yourself, before the insurer will reimburse the remaining costs. By voluntarily raising your deductible, Do you receive a discount on your health insurance premium from the insurer?. This can rise to as much as 300 euro. By comparing in advance and also increasing your deductible, do you have the cheapest health insurance with the benefits that matter to you.

Choose other health insurance policies within the family

Families or couples are often in the same health care policy. This is not always useful, because not everyone in the family needs the same care. For example, one person may need a lot of physio, while the other person doesn't use it. By making a comparison per person which care is or is not necessary, can this save a lot of money on an annual basis. This way you can be sure that you never pay too much for each person and only pay for what he or she actually needs.