A summer garden party is only complete with the right stuff

Now that it's really getting warm in the Netherlands and we want to go outside en masse to enjoy the sun optimally, Does this also mean that we have to set up our garden well for the delicious GDP's with family and friends. In this article we are going to discuss what cannot be missing here.

Garden furniture

When you have a lovely balcony, roof terrace or garden, a garden table cannot be missing in this. Garden tables are therefore a real must have to have in your garden. Fortunately, there are many types and sizes regarding a garden set, so there is something for everyone and there is a suitable offer. If you have a large garden, then the choice for a long table is suitable. When your garden is on the small side, then you better opt for a round table. A lounge set is also recommended to have in your garden.


As much as we would like to sit in the sun once it shines, Shouldn't we be able to sit in the shade?. This can be done in a natural way if you have a tree in the garden or are going to plant it. Shade can also be created by putting down umbrellas or taking off a sunscreen. Both have a pro- and disadvantages and with a sunscreen there is also a price tag. The price of a sunscreen starts at 170 euros and can go up to 2000 euro.


Besides having a nice place where you can relax and eat, there should also be a little atmosphere in your garden and you can do that by adding flowers. If you don't have green fingers, then there are plenty of flowers that need little care and that you don't have to look at too much. In addition, taking flowers in your garden is not only to create atmosphere, but is it also good for the flora and fauna in the country.

For having the perfect summer in your backyard, on your balcony or roof terrace there are a few essential elements that cannot be missed, namely a delicious garden set where you can eat and drink. A shaded spot where you can escape the heat is also essential. To add that last bit of atmosphere, are flowers very suitable.