During the winter months (1 October to 1 May) may be more than in summer (1 May to 1 October). Furthermore, the beach is divided into zones: activities beaches, sunny beaches and a nudist beach.

These zones are on the beach itself indicated by the color of the beach post:

orange = beach activities,
yellow = sun beach,
pink = nudist beach.

Dogs on the beach

1 May to 1 October only leashed dogs on the beaches activities
between 10.00 in 19.00 hour; on the sunny beaches dogs are not allowed at this time. In winter stray dogs are allowed everywhere.



From the beach to 100 meters into the sea is not allowed water scooters, jet skis, e.d. using.



During the summer season during daytime between there 10.00 in 19.00 hours not be cycled on the beach. Bikes can be rented Bike Mike



Controllable kites is absolutely forbidden on the busiest places along the beach. Look upon entering the beach just on the information, thereon for more information. Kite flying is also not allowed on the boulevard of Egmond aan Zee. Kites can be purchased at Bes tobacco & Remembrances



Only the activities beaches (Become indicated) and at the solar beaches only 10.00 hours and after 19.00 hour.

Outside this period, horses and other animals mounted allowed on the beach, with exceptional sun- and holidays between 12.00 in 19.00 hour.



• Summer: the activities beaches are only allowed to fish with loose gear.

• Winter: fishing with loose gear is everywhere admitted going. Fishing with fixed gear is only permitted between km-poles 36.5 in 39.5 and between 40.25 in 41.0.



• Motorvaartuigen, also including watercraft and jet skis, may themselves, exceptions, do not go from the beach into the sea. They may not thereby in the belt of sea adjacent to the beach within a distance of 300 meters from the beach are, of daarmee varen.

Non-motorized vessels

• Summer: only at the beach activities.
• Winter: allowed everywhere.

Motor vehicles

Summer: Only holders of an exemption allowed for 10.00 hours and after 18.00 hour drive on the beach.

Winter: Only holders of an exemption allowed to drive all day on the beach, m.u.v. zone- and holidays, they only allowed for 10.00 hours and after 18.00 hours at the beach.

Non-motorized vehicles

(For example yachts, blokarts, sulky’s).
Summer: non-motorized vehicles in the summer
Nowhere allowed.

Winter: non-motorized vehicles are allowed only on
the beach and activities are not permitted anywhere.

Attributes and objects on the beach

• Placing and abandonment of attributes and objects is only for a maximum 1 day allowed. Other visitors must not, interfere.

Services and Emergency Services

Egmond rescue, beach with a post right below the lighthouse. Multiple orientation poles on the beach.


Between pole 35 & 33, & between pole 42 & 44 (= Tolerance zone)
More information about nudism in Egmond and surroundings click here.

Beach options for disabled

Fietsenstalling main entrance,
Such. 072-8880000

Off-the-Road-WheelsIn the municipality of Bergen, you can borrow a special beach wheelchair: of Jutter. The beachcomber is a great chair for the beach, for elderly or disabled. The special tires to propel the Jutter light on difficult terrain begaanbar, such as sand, so you can easily walk on the beach.

There are four Beachcombing loan, one for children. The Jutter one session may be geleent and its use is free. The stalling of the beachcombers can be found from Thursday 29 April at the big parking lot next to the main beach at the boathouse of the KNRM and the historic fishing vessel 'the Pinck'.