In Egmond aan Zee, by far the most beautiful coastal town in our country, we are the proud owners of "Gejut".
This shop breathes the sea; all the scrambled stuff is collected there in large fish boxes.


Search for wood in the night, rope and plastic combine and form themselves into salty presents in fantasy. All "beach waste’ gets a second life. From this we make birds, fishing, images, moldings, a piece of jewelry, a wind chime.


Do it yourself and make something special in the studio? Fancy a special family- family- or holiday getaway, a company outing or bachelor party, birthday? An unsalted team training?

About Gejut

Gejut is a shop, atelier, gallery, workshop space that brings every visitor closer to the sea.

Except one- or multi-day creative workshops you can go there for unique salty ku(n)st, nautical gadgets (ship lamps), drowned wood furniture and original gifts. Gejut also offers a stage for creative sea spirits who want to share their knowledge or exhibit and sell their work.

Above all, it is a place to discover for yourself how to get out of "nothing’ again "something’ to make… Scrambled objects ask questions about the past, depict the present and ask questions about tomorrow.


About myself

I am Marianne Houthuijse.
This by far the most beautiful 'derpje’ of our country has a beach that offers new finds every season. Stroll on the beach and collect everything with a wagon; nothing I'd rather do.

I scour the coast between Bergen aan zee and Castricum every week in search of mineral resources. In the autumn nets wash up, small pieces of wood and especially a lot of waste from ships. A strong Oostwester or a storm; you can't make me happier.

Colorful collection

The summer guests leave behind a colorful collection of toys every year, slippers, balls and so on. I make small and large framed works of all the finds, 3D statues but also jewelry from, among others. ships' ropes washed ashore.

Jutten literally means "to find."’ or "swipe". Most everything I use comes from the beach. But sometimes I also work within the national borders; even digitally there is a lot to do! However, Gejut's law is that no gift leaves my shop without an object found by the sea(the).

Pay a visit to the store and / or discover how addictive Jutten can be!

Jutten and the environment

There is so much to tell about the environment. Other organizations can do that much better than I can. The most inspiring video I've ever seen and challenged me to make a work of a bird… You will not believe your eyes!! – Please Share Others can tell more than I can, including, for example, the North Sea Foundation. Besides shipping waste and the remains of a nice day at the beach, there is a party every day on the Egmond beach.

At the moment there are more than, do not freak out, 50.000 remains of balloons on our beaches!! Why? Because balloons go into the air en masse during festivities and blow towards the sea. Eventually they wash up on the beach again. This fall's counts show that per 100 meters of beach on average 12 balloons or balloon remains. With 451 kilometers of coastline you will then arrive at approx 54000 pcs. Of course this is a rough estimate, but even half would be very, very much.

Actually, every balloon is too much. Fish, marine mammals and seabirds mistake the rubber residues for food and become entangled in the strings. High time that something was done about this. (Source: North Sea Foundation).

This young gull was created from bones and plastic waste; a full stomach full of plastic gave her a "full’ feeling. She stopped eating and died.. Sometimes images speak more than a story.

The "gull cub’ tells….


Beachcombing and saline gifts

Nothing leaves the store without a jetted object! Not only that is the law of "Gejut". The best part is that everything is for sale in this store! From table to display case, from lamp to cash register, from toilet to front door; I'll pack it up and take it home. You can take everything with you, except me… someone has to raid the store..


15 Holiday jutters

Make your own souvenir and go "Jutten" at Gejut in Egmond aan zee. A unique getaway?

Leave something to be desired again?

Or do you not want to sunbathe or shop in Egmond aan zee? Do something special; only, as a couple or with the whole family? Go riot and make a beautiful piece of art yourself! In Egmond aan Zee, at Ankerstraat no. 13 you will find my shop / studio "Gejut". Receive a Jutterstas there, search for your own treasures on the beach and return.

There you make (with my help?) of all the found objects while enjoying drink and jutterskoek a beautiful piece of it! A lasting memento of Egmond aan zee. Including: Jutters loan bag, a small frame / wooden shelf, tools, glue, material, coffee / tea / soft drinks and a Jutterskoek and use of the retail space / studio.

A "real shark tooth in a box" for every roamer! Price: 17,50 Euro per person – children: 15,- Euro (max 30 people). Reserve: [email protected] of bel: 0650805796



All together at the table and you enjoy Jutterslimo and Jutterskoek. We tell the students about everything you can find on the beach of Egmond and we do a real Jutterskwis!

Time to go on a beachcombing path yourself! With a real beachcomber bag and a list that shows exactly what to look for on the beach, you go on the road. When you have found everything on your list, later that day you have a good chance of winning a beachcomber charter.

Back in the shop we will all wash the dishes! Washing dishes has never been so much fun because you can see what everyone has found! Just dry off and then the best begins, because you are going to make your own painting of all your found treasures. You can take this artwork home with you.

The winner of the Jutterskwis receives a special shark tooth! Price: 15,00 per kind (at Gejut). Workshops at school: on request


Jutter, artist, creative person or gatherer? Gejut's door is wide open to anyone who can contribute something beautiful to this store. Also for poets and Strong storytellers. Do you have an idea? Do you want to offer a workshop yourself or do you want to show off your saline work? Please contact us!

Under the title: "Just one more’ will go inside Gejut in the autumn evenings from 2013 an oil lamp can be lit.. Well-known Egmonders then tell their strongest stories to Gejut and are treated to herring and beach bitters. (whether or not an audience is at their discretion). 10 stories will be collected in a booklet and it is expected that "One more’ medium 2014 in the shop(s) lie.

Of course I already have some great Derpers in mind… A strong story itself?
Come by and sign up!

Gejut as a unique meeting location

A special place by the sea to have a quiet meeting and to stretch your legs along the tide line?
Consider Gejut! Up to a maximum of 16 people you can stay in Egmond aan zee. Coffee, thee, pastry, lunch of diner? Contact us and everything will be arranged!


Gejut opening hours

Monday Tuesday Wednesday: by appointment

Wednesdays from June to August:
Fair Egmond by the sea
Thursday to Saturday: 10.00 hour – 18.00 hour

Sunday: 12.00 hour – 18.00 hour

Shop closed but wish for a workshop?
Please contact us:

Our store address


Anchor Street 13
1931GL Egmond by the sea

Telephone number 0031 (0)6 508 05 796
Email: [email protected]

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