Bes tobacco, Remembrances & Toys existed over 100 year in Egmond aan Zee and started off by Engelbertus Pel and his wife, they have it until just after the war (1950) about done Aaf Verbrugge of Peel and her husband Piet Verbrugge.

From 1977 Verbrugge has their daughter Carla and her husband Pete Best when taken over the shop. They have made the shop what he is.

To 2004 Carla and Peter have run the shop for when it was time for Geert Berry & his wife Heidi Berry Stuifbergen he is the current owner of Berry Tobacco, Souvenirs and Toys.

By Berry Family is always fun, Especially in the winter it can still be in the office is cozy. Geert & Heidi live above the store and have since 2004 married.

We are sale for the lottery in our store but also sell
phonecards, Cold soft drinks, kites, sunglasses shells and souvenirs.

Our address:

Geert and Heidi Berry Tobacco, toys and souvenirs.

Voorstraat 148
Egmond aan Zee
Such. : 072-5061526
Lululemon: 06 247 91558
E-mail: [email protected]


Times summer, the shop is open every day from :

08:30 up to and including 21:30 hour

During winter months, the store is open every day from:

08:30 up to and including 18:00 hour