The Eeuwigelaan by Rob van de Pas

The Bergen avenue with the leaning trees captures the imagination. He connects with Bergen Within Bergen aan Zee and vice versa. Do you want within a time to Egmond, and you take the time to make, then comes over you that holiday feeling. Long ago you had only the Buerweg to drive to the coast and under pressure from the progress and the emergence of Bergen aan Zee the Eeuwigelaan was laid out on both sides villas.

rob-from-the-passVan de Pas, What was that again? “Bergen, this village is NOT built for fast traffic "!

Beautiful homes that you Bloemendaal, Blaricum or Wassenaar can encounter. To my knowledge there is only one Eeuwigelaan in the Netherlands and even has a unique traffic sign which warns of : 'Crooked trees'. It is the avenue where you should live if you have many old or new money. There, you every beautiful summer Sunday afternoon, the back of your garden, must be in sound mobilized beach traffic and particulate matter than you take for granted.

After all, it status, recognition, respect, space, and many forest- and dunes where the hard-working yuppies can stay for less than half the week. Sometimes they are even villas with solid crosses, because even in a spacious dwelling house may be too small ....! No, it is not always a bed of roses as Wilco Bergmans in his book "Heaven and Hell on Eeuwigelaan" wrote. Let me rephrase: there live many "second marriages on the Avenue of the" lopsided skating '. Nothing human is the resident of the prestigious avenue of the leaning trees him or her so strange. These people know very well what it's like to be there every day and want to be. Those are the experts.

Last week the ambitious alderman of Spatial Clearance, Peter House Cities, decided that the avenue, the footpath and cycle track "going to kick '! That means' edit, to be examined, be refurbished, be changed, be restored ', etc. "Doing nothing is not an option", says the militant alderman in an all clause meant to. There is therefore definitely something to happen to the Eeuwigelaan. The "something will happen" is now a retrospective story for the avenue with the leaning trees. Since the seventies want the car lobby, bus companies, transport and figures with a dendrofobie rob the avenue of its identity. In the same period there has also been a plan to pull the Bergerweg from 'ECSTASY' at once through the Philisteinse polder to the Frenchman. A hopeless story that had made a kind of Zandvoort at Sea City of Bergen aan Zee.

No! A heavy summer storm, some falling branches, fallen beech and a few collisions cause unnecessary unrest as politicians from the drawing board again throw some red and raw meat in the arena. Sometimes doing nothing is definitely a optie.'Less is more ', say the English. "Not every change is an improvement ....", to name but a few tiles to hang in the town hall. Go and talk to the experts in the upscale neighborhood. Take the Eeuwigelaan a lane where cars and trucks are mainly guest. Only invest in a solid protection of the trees and verges. And motivate transport companies to supply Bergen aan Zee with fewer heavy trucks. Now it happens even in ancient and historic city.

Source: Flessenpost Bergen