You didn't know this about Volkswagen yet

Volkswagen is of course one of the most famous car brands on earth. The German company has been around for years and has since become a popular choice if you are looking for a car. This is partly because their models are known as reliable and safe, which of course matters. Despite this, it can still be the case that a part breaks, maar gelukkig op de website you will find information about the repair.


The very first car that Volkswagen has ever produced is called the Beetle in the Netherlands. Yet the official name is different, because actually it is called the Volkswagen Käfer. Käfer of course means beetle in German. This model was produced for many years, namely from 1938 up to and including 2003. In a long time it was also the best-selling car in the company, but in 2002 it was overtaken by the Gulf.


So the Golf actually became the successor to the Beetle, you can say so. Today this is actually still the case. From Volkswagen Golf is the car that sold the most in Europe. This model ranks third all over the world. Incidentally, the 30 millionth wave in June 2013 made in Wolfsburg. All kinds of different variants and generations of this model have already been produced, but the Gulf 1 is of course the original version.


Many think that the e-Golf is the very first electric Volkswagen Golf, but that is not the case. The first electric Golf was produced decades ago. This was called Citystromer and first came off the production line in the Volkswagen factories 1976. The Citystromer was an electrically powered Golf generation 1. Incidentally, the Golf II also had an electric version, it was even used for racing.