With wooden frames you can suffer from wood rot in the long run, especially with our humid climate on the North Sea so on the coast of Egmond aan Zee. Replacing the windows completely is a considerable expense, but if the wood rot is not yet in your entire frame, this does not have to be necessary. You can fix this yourself quite easily.

This is how wood rot occurs

Wood rot can be caused by long periods of damp weather, which prevents it from ventilating and drying properly. This causes fungi to grow on the wood, making your window frames soft and vulnerable. So soft that you can even press or break it in the end.


Recognizing wood rot

At first glance you can't always detect wood rot 1, 2, 3 recognise. This is because the wood is usually covered with a layer of paint. You can check it by poking it with a screwdriver. When the wood is soft and you poke through it like this, you suffer from wood rot. Do this in a number of places to find out exactly where the wood rot is.


Remove wood rot

Isn't your entire frame ravaged by wood rot, then you don't have to replace your entire frame. In this case it is still fine to repair yourself.

After you have detected all wood rot spots with the screwdriver, it is necessary to first remove all the wood rot with a chisel. Make sure you remove all the wood rot, because if something is left behind, the rotting process just continues. When you have done this, it is important that you let the wood dry well first. So do this especially if no rain is predicted for the time being.

Repairing wood rot

When all the wood rot has been removed and the wood has been able to dry well, it's time to repair your frame. You do this by first applying some wood rot stop to the open spaces. In this way, any remaining fungi are still killed. This must also dry well before you go to the next step.


Then you can fill the holes with wood rot filler. For the best result, it is best to do this with a putty knife. With this you can iron the whole thing tight. Usually this has a drying time of at least 6 hours needed. After that it is fully cured and you can neatly finish the frame by sanding it first and then painting it.


To properly protect your wood against all weather conditions, it is important that you use quality paint, such as, for example, Sikkens paint or one of the many other paint brands from Color Store.