Why winter is the perfect time to plant trees in the garden

It is best to plant many plants and flowers just before spring or even in the spring itself. This is because the ground will no longer freeze, so the chance of survival of your newly purchased plants is a lot greater. In addition, many plants and flowers need a lot of sunlight, which occurs a lot more in spring and summer. Trees, on the other hand, are better planted in the autumn for various reasons. We are happy to tell you why!

All energy to roots

Just like with plants, trees are at rest in winter. No fruit or leaves grow on the tree, so it is, as it were, on a kind of energy saving mode. This is an ideal situation to plant them, because then all energy can go to the roots. With a new tree, the roots are not yet very strong and sometimes not even strong enough to keep the tree upright. This allows all energy to go to the bottom layer of the tree, instead of the top layer. This applies to both single stems and multi-stem trees.

Need a lot of water

To make the roots of the tree grow well, does it need a lot of water. Does that look good in the fall??! Our climate is very wet from October until the beginning of spring. Probably not a week goes by when it doesn't rain a lot and that does your brand new tree a lot of good. This way it can grow fast in the winter, so you can enjoy it in the spring and summer. That saves going outside with your watering can every day.

Goes well with some frost

Not many plants are happy with frost and can even die. However, most trees can withstand some frost and can even be planted when it freezes. Just remember that you have to dig that hole in the ground too, so if it has been freezing hard for a few days, maybe this isn't the best idea. That costs you a lot of energy, what you can also save by waiting a little while. Via bomendael you can find more tips about planting trees in the fall and can you also see which trees may fit in your garden.