Which things can you do yourself and which ones do you outsource??


You have those people who are real do-it-yourselfers. Not just in the field of work, but in many more areas. They can do a lot of things and they also like to do it themselves. Others prefer to outsource as much as possible. Because they can't do it well enough themselves or because they don't want to take the time and prefer to hire an expert. Which category do you fall into?


Cooking and DIY

There are all kinds of restaurants in the neighborhood where you can eat out. Then you don't have to do anything yourself, but let the professionals cook for you, serving and washing up. What a nice feeling…. Yet you can also be a huge fan of cooking at the same time. Then you get exactly the right ingredients to make your favorite dishes and you take plenty of time to get started.. Even more time than the chefs in the restaurant had to make your food.


These two sides of a personality can of course coexist. Just like you put on your old clothes for some jobs around the house and roll up your sleeves, while for other jobs you prefer to hire someone who does it daily. Pretty logical, However?


Music and sports

Almost everyone likes music. Whatever your favorite genre is, you prefer to listen as often as possible via Spotify, radio or maybe even vinyl. But not everyone feels called to get started with a musical instrument themselves. While in most cases this can be quite low-threshold.


In sports it's the other way around: in that area there are more people who actively exercise themselves than there are who watch sports passively. This is undoubtedly due to the fact that sports healthy is to do. Unfortunately, just watching the same sport has no positive effect on your weight and condition.


But what if it's about your money??

The discussion we can have about doing it ourselves or outsourcing, suddenly becomes different when it comes to money. That's how some people choose invest yourself, because they want to be in control when it comes to their own money. Think of others: someone who does this every day, can do better than me, so let me outsource it. There is no right or wrong in this area, but it is an interesting turn that the discussion suddenly takes as soon as we can get financially better or worse…


Investing involves risks. You can (a portion of) lose your investment.