Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Do you feel constantly tired? Very annoying. Who knows, you might benefit from changing your evening rituals. The trick is to prepare your body and mind for sleep as well as possible.


  1. Organize your thoughts


Are you someone who thinks a lot? For example, worry about which bag you take to work the next day? The dstrct of shoulder bag ladies? Or do you go away for a weekend and do not know what to do with it weekendtas? Of course, worrying does not help if you want to go to sleep. Sometimes writing down everything before you go to bed can help. For example, you can make a list of what to do the next day. Or you write down what happened.


  1. Put away digital devices


Research shows that blue light has a bad influence on falling asleep. Blue light keeps your mind awake. Moreover, a smartphone gives you all kinds of incentives. It is best not to use digital devices an hour before you go to sleep.


  1. Ga in bad

But what do you do then? If you have a bath at home, a warm bath can work wonders. Because your body cools down after bathing, that is a signal to your brain that it is bedtime. In addition, a warm bath provides relaxation.

  1. Take a massage

Don't have a bath at home? A massage can also help you fall asleep. It helps to relax your muscles and often makes you feel calmer. Do you have a partner? Then ask him or her for a massage before going to sleep. Do you live alone? Even then it can help to massage your legs and feet, for example. That works just as relaxing.


  1. Don't take a nightcap

It used to be thought that it helped to have a nightcap, in other words to have a glass of alcohol before going to bed. Unfortunately, alcohol may make you fall asleep faster, but the quality of your sleep also deteriorates. Think about what you eat before going to sleep. Caffeine, for example, also has a negative effect on your night's sleep. The same goes for overeating.