Trendy lounge sofas nice for your 2nd home in Egmond aan Zee

Are you looking for a new lounge sofa and could you use some inspiration? Read all about the trendy lounge sofas of the moment in this blog.


Back to basic

The starting point for now is: less is more. Therefore create peace at home and go back to basics just as you would walk onto the beach in Egmond early in the morning.. How exactly do you do this? Choose a lounge sofa in calm Egmond sand colors, sustainable materials and natural plants! For lounge sofas, neutral colors match this trend very well. Even with little color you can form a warm base. Think soft earth tones. You can perfectly implement this in your lounge sofa. For example, choose a natural material for your sofa and let this color come back in other home accessories.


The velvet or velor sofa has been very popular for a while. That's why we really need to name them, since it is a material of now. Open an interior magazine and there is a velvet

lounge sofa in. These sofas look trendy and comfortable and offer ultimate comfort. The party TherbanSofa keeps a close eye on trends, so this is a good party to start your search for a new lounge sofa. On this site you can put together your ultimate lounge sofa according to your wishes. Will your sofa be velvet blue, oker, pink or green?


Maintain your velor lounge sofa

How do you ensure that your velor lounge sofa stays beautiful for as long as possible? Good to know is that this material is made of cotton or silk. It is woven in a special way so that loops are created. These are cut open and this is how the soft cuddly fabric is created. Have you messed up and there is now a stain on your trendy lounge sofa? Grab a clean damp cloth to clean the sofa. If this does not work, use a neutral soap solution to remove the stain.


To enjoy your velvet lounge sofa for as long as possible, we have the following tips:

  • Move pillows at specified time. This prevents discolorations and in this way the pillow filling does not become soft.
  • Do you have pets? Preferably don't leave them on the couch and otherwise on a rug. Velor is a sensitive fabric.
  • Make sure you are not always in one place telkens. If you do, there is a chance that

dark spots on the fabric.

Buy a trendy lounge sofa and have it delivered in the most beautiful village in North Holland.

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