The future of education changes drastically due to the corona virus

As we slowly move towards the final phase of the pandemic, is the damage included?. Until recently, companies could count on government support. It prevented a massive wave of layoffs in SMEs, among others. Now that this financial support is gone, the question is to what extent companies from Egmond and the surrounding area manage to keep their heads above water. A layoff can have major consequences for staff. Especially for employees who are a bit older. Retraining is one of the options they have to find work elsewhere in the event of a layoff. In this article you can read more about the growing popularity of courses.

Steeds meer opleidingen worden vanuit huis gevolgd
Among other NCOI en LOI zijn bekende opleidingsinstituten, which offer a wide range of training courses. These courses are developed at different levels of education and are therefore accessible to a wide audience. Where education was previously often provided on location, has that changed during the pandemic?. Not just the basics- and secondary education took place at home during the lockdown. Also training from NCOI and LOI were often offered digitally. An advantage; many of these courses were previously organized as home studies.

Kennis verbreden om breder inzetbaar te zijn
Following a home study offers the main advantage, that you as an employee are more versatile for an existing or new employer. At the same time, in the event of a dismissal, you have the opportunity to apply in different sectors. The fact that you were fired, may indicate that the industry in which you worked is not going well. By being trained more broadly, you will soon also apply for positions in other industries. The advantage of a home study is the fact that you can follow it in your own time. This way you are not dependent on the times when classroom lessons are given.

Organisaties laten medewerkers cursussen volgen
The initiative for retraining is not only taken from employees. Employers also encourage their employees to follow a course or training, with which they can broaden their knowledge. In addition, companies focus on optimizing processes. Automation plays an important role here. With automation, functions will disappear in the coming years. They are taken over by systems. Retraining employees with this position prevents them from having to be fired. Their experience and knowledge can come in handy elsewhere in the organization. These courses and courses are often offered remotely these days.