Are you going on a winter sports holiday soon? Then of course you are waiting for a nice time. However, good preparation for this is of great importance. If you go on a winter sports holiday by car, is this an important part to prepare. Because how do you prepare your car for a winter sports holiday? In this article we tell you more about it, so read on soon!


Winter tires

One of the most important things to do before your winter sports holiday, is the installation of winter tires?. So exchange your summer tires for winter tires. If you travel by car to a winter sports area, are winter tires necessary?. In many European countries, winter tires are even mandatory, so you can hardly get out of here. Why winter tires are so important? Because this gives you a lot more grip on the road. This makes driving on, for example, slippery and snowy roads a lot safer. So make sure you do this in time before you leave.

Bring snow chains

Is the winter sports area you are going to known for its mountainous, frozen roads in the period you go? Then it can be recommended to bring snow chains. Snow chains provide extra grip and safety on the road, even more than winter tires. So definitely think about this before you leave.


roof box

Do you think your car offers too little space for all your stuff? Then it can be recommended to purchase a roof box prior to your winter sports holiday. You can then place this roof box on the roof of your car and it is intended for extra luggage space. This can be very nice, especially if you plan to take a lot of stuff with you. After all, it is also important that you keep a good view of your rear window, for example, and that it is not full of luggage. In this case it is better to choose a roof box, because you won't be bothered by this in the car. Looking for a good roof box? A Hapro roof box is then recommended.


Add antifreeze to equestrian fluid

Which can also be useful if you go on a winter sports holiday by car, is to add antifreeze to your riding fluid. Why? Because when the temperature drops below zero degrees, it may be that the equestrian fluid will freeze. And that can lead to very dangerous situations that you really have to avoid. By adding antifreeze to your equestrian fluid you can prevent it from freezing, so make sure you do this!


Getting the battery checked

When temperatures are low in winter, could it be that the battery of your car is having a little more trouble. Which is why it is recommended, is to have the battery checked before you leave. You can do this at the garage. It may be helpful to do this, because this gives you some extra security. This way, there is less chance that you will end up on the road with bad luck. Security for everything!


In any case, these things are important to arrange before you travel by car to a winter sports area. You will find important things you need for your car for a winter sports holiday at Heuts. Good preparation is half the job, so make sure you spend enough time on this. Then you can start your winter sports holiday without any worries!